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  1. Hi guys, Firstly this might be in slightly the wrong place, but its more a diet question than a health question... I posted a little while ago about a sick little bird I have called Annie (who we only just found out is a girl, she's a recessive pied so it was a bit hard to tell). She has heavy metal poisoning (the vet thinks its zinc). We finished the chelation therapy 2 weeks ago but she's started to go downhill again despite me going over the cage thoroughly looking for anything that could be causing it and finding nothing. I've started giving her her meds again because I'm thinking that we didn't quite get rid of it all last time. I rang the vet and that's what he thinks too. I know it sounds callous but I really can't afford another xray for the little one, I've already spent a lot of money and am on a students income She's been having seizures the last 12 hrs so I'm starting to think it might be time to consider having her put down. I really don't want to do that but if I can't fix this I don't want her to suffer. I've been reading up on other remedies for heavy metal poisoning and some pages have suggested B1 prevents further nerve and tissue damage so I'm looking to supplement her diet with this. Does anyone know what kind of budgie-suitable foods contain high levels of this vitamin? I also want to feed her something that is likely to help her pass any pieces of metal that might still be in her digestive tract. I was thinking psyllium husks might help? Any advice would be appreciated, I really want to give her the best chance. Cheers, Shann
  2. I didn't personally see the xray so I'm not sure but from what the vet said it seems it didn't knit together properly and the hip joint is a bit arthritic, so it will probably never be right. The chelation seems to be working well, he's much better although always looks a bit off after I give him his meds (I'm guessing it gives him a sore stomach). I'm glad we persevered though, because he's such a lovely bird!
  3. So, an update. We took him to the vet again because he seemed to be going downhill really fast. They took another xray and picked up that he has had a fractured hip at some point in the past, so that's what has been bothering him in his leg. But on top of that he had heavy metal poisoning! Who would have thought? We worked out that because his leg bothers him he always holds onto things with his beak and so had accidentally ingested some metal (still not sure exactly where its from but I'm thinking it was from the aviary so we're doing a big revamp while he stays inside). He was at the vet for a week receiving chelation therapy twice a day and now we're giving it to him twice a week for the next 6 weeks or so. So after a MASSIVE vet bill he's looking much better, even if the leg is still bothering him a bit (it was worth it though, I couldn't let the little guy die now could I?). The vet said to come back once we've finished this lot of meds so we can put him on painkillers once he's recovered. Thanks for all you help!
  4. He can perch using both his feet, but he doesn't grip as hard with the left foot, and he's quite wobbly when he perches. I've had him for about a year but the leg has been getting worse over the last 2 months. The anti-inflammatory helps a bit, but if I can avoid it I'd rather not keep giving it to him because of the strain it will put on his kidneys etc and because it stresses him out when I have to force a dropper into his beak (he doesn't seem to like the taste of it). I just don't want him to be in pain
  5. Hi guys, So I have a little budgie who was given to me by a friend who worked at a vet. I've probably posted about him before... the vet wanted to put him down because they couldn't be bothered to rehome him and it was going to be too much effort to look after him! Needless to say I was appalled and got my friend to bring him home. He's a gorgeous little recessive pied who I'm fairly certain was hand reared because he's so friendly. He's always seemed to have a bit of trouble with his left foot/leg. I noticed when I got him that its a bit smaller than the other one and is always slightly swollen. I was worried about it when I first got him but couldn't feel any breaks/sprains in the leg and the vet said she couldn't find anything physically wrong with it either, so she gave me some pain killers and anti inflammatory drugs so that if it got worse I could treat the symptoms. Anyway, so I left him with my parents over summer because I was on holidays and when I got back his leg seems to be getting worse. I'm fairly certain he's lost feeling in the back toe and he's been sitting down a lot, he's still perky and is eating well, but because the foot's not working properly he's struggling to move around properly and he always looks like he's extremely frustrated (I know I'm anthropomorphising this but its the best way to describe it). His droppings are normal but he does seem to be chewing his beak more than usual, I'm not sure whether that's a reaction to pain or not. I've read that gout causes little white bumps in the joints but the photos on google seem far more serious than anything he's got, plus the whole leg is swollen, not just the joints... The skin on his feet also seems to be shedding much more than my other birds, I've treated him for mites etc. so I don't think its that. I've cut down on his seed (thats all mum was feeding him) and increased his greens but it doesn't seem to be helping. Any ideas about what I can do to help the little guy? Cheers, Shann
  6. It was about the same I think... 1/4 teaspoon per 500 ml of water.
  7. Hi everyone, About a month or 2 ago several of my budgies (at my parent's house) were diagnosed with megabacteria (or macro or whatever its being called these days) and the vet prescribed sodium benzoate in the water for about 14 days. I also started treating Archimedes, the baby I hand reared over summer about a week or so later as she had had some contact with her mum and dad before I pulled her from the nest and the vet said if one bird had it, it was likely all the birds that came into contact with them had it. After about 10 days or so all my birds started to go through a pretty heavy moult, some of them to the point where you could see the skin through their feathers. About half of the birds started to look depressed around this stage as well. Archimedes started to moult roughly 10-12 days after I started her on the treatment (she's about 3 or so months old at the moment), but is still happy and active. I realize its coming into winter (for all of us in Australia) and so the birds usually moult around this time of year but I've never seen my birds moult so much and all at the same time. Basically I was wondering if anyone else has seen this happen? ie. Sodium benzoate prescribed for megabacteria which seemed to lead to excessive moulting... Now that I've stopped the treatment all the birds seem to have bounced back and are growing their feathers again. I guess I should also note that while they were being treated they were limited to a seed only diet as I couldn't give them anything with water in it. I'm asking because I think this is a fairly new treatment and I'd like to discuss it with the vet when I see her next. Thanks Shannon
  8. Have you considered that it might be the result of avian leukosis virus, or something similar? Especially if you sourced the birds from the same breeder. Because it seems to be happening so quickly I think its unlikely that the deaths are due to radiation (although I'm not an expert, so I wouldn't rule it out). ALV has mostly been studied in chickens but there is some evidence that it can cause lymphoma and other cancers in budgies... if thats the case it could either be endogenous (already part of their genetic make-up) or exogenous (from a recent infection). Unfortunately I'm not sure there are currently any effective treatments, but it might be worth looking into? Good luck
  9. This is a video of Archimedes' first attempt at flight. He clearly didn't realize he needed to let go of the blanket to get into the air, he's now flying fairly well, with only the odd miscalculation leading to bumped heads. Also, could I get some opinions as to whether Archimedes looks like a boy or a girl? I'm thinking hen, but going by personality alone I'd go with boy. I also just found out that my budgies at my parents place have Megabacteria So I've now got to keep an eye on Archimedes for any signs seeing as his mum has it. Mum took three of them to the vet yesterday and she's prescribed sodium benzoate for 14 days. The vet also told mum to put Jack and Ria (Archimedes' parents) on a diet after we've taken care of the megabacteria, as they are morbidly obese, which I've been telling her to do for the last 6 months, I even wrote her up a weekly schedule with what and how much to feed them. She calls me yesterday and says "Why didn't you tell me to put them on a diet???" I felt like screaming! Ah well. Now that the vet has told her what to do maybe she'll listen...
  10. That may help, but only if the bacteria (assuming it even is bacteria) is susceptible to that particular antibiotic. The discharge from the nose is worrying as it may be a sign of psittacosis, are his eyes puffy or is there any discharge around them? Doxycycline may help, but the treatment goes on for a long time from what I can remember from my own experience. I would definitely be trying to get the little one to a vet ASAP for a proper diagnosis though... Good luck and hope everything turns out okay
  11. I tried him with a bath today and he loved it! Until he tried to fly afterwards, he didn't get very far I give him water at night because he gorges himself with seed and his crop is hard as a rock so I just worry that he won't be able to produce enough saliva to digest it properly. But I saw him drinking after the bath today so its all good
  12. Blood from the beak could be a sign of a number of diseases, the vast majority of which are not zoonotic (ie. they can't be passed on to humans). If he wasn't showing any signs of illness before this point it is likely that it was a seizure/stroke or is it possible he ingested something toxic? As Robyn said, keep an eye on Cosmo and I would be keeping him away from the baby, washing hands etc just in case (because you can never be too careful). Sorry to hear about Piccolo and hope Cosmo is alright
  13. I've read the FAQs etc before but I just wanted to check it could be the egg and biscuit before I went to the vet... Yeah, the droppings were the colour of the formula originally but the urine was clear, and now its yellow, that's what I was worrying about. The vet still hasn't been able to get the original formula in and Archimedes is now cracking seed pretty well. I'm still offering formula about 3 times a day but he only takes a significant amount first thing in the morning, he finds everything else too interesting during the day/night and only takes a few drops. I noticed today his crop was full of seed/greens/cuttlebone/anything he can get his beak on and so only offered 1 feed and a syringe full of water (because he still hasn't quite worked out what the water bowl is for yet) today because he seems full. He still begs if he sees the syringe but that's the only time. He's 6 weeks old today Oh! and the beak thing turned out to be fine, the swelling has gone down and there's no more redness.
  14. Hey guys, Sorry to keep asking questions like this, but I ran out of the hand rearing formula I was using to hand raise Archimedes and couldn't find the same brand anywhere (The vet said they'd try to get it in for me but it would take a week), even the place I got it from had run out So I bought some egg and biscuit mix and have been using that to wean him, I mixed the other formula with the egg and biscuit for 5 days gradually increasing the E&B so his digestive tract would get used to it. He lost a bit of weight (about 3 g) when I cut down to 2-3 feeds a day but is now putting the weight steadily back on as he gets better at cracking seed. He's still active and chirpy but the watery component of his droppings have gone yellow since I switched onto the egg and biscuit and the solid part is a darkish brown/white (not old blood dark brown, it looks as if he's been eating tree bark or something, which he may be chewing on in the cage...) I read that yellow urine (or whatever its called) is a sign of anorexia/liver disease. I was wondering if it is possible for the food (because E&B is yellow) to stain the droppings or whether I should be taking him to a vet. Any advice would be appreciated
  15. If your other birds are slumped it is likely they are all deficient in calcium (Ca). Ca has a lot to do with muscle function and if they don't have enough calcium the muscles won't contract properly leading to either paralysis, spasms or just not being able to move properly. While Ca is absorbed passively through the gut animals need vitamin D in order to actively absorb Ca... which is where sunlight comes in. I'm not entirely sure that it works in the same way for birds, but in other animals vitamin D is produced when sunlight hits the skin, so having the birds have access to sunlight is very important. Certain things in the diet (especially phytate, which is found in some cereal grains and corn I think) can bind to Ca and make it unavailable so I'd be wary of this as well. Ironically, Ca overdose has similar symptoms to deficiency in that it can cause drowsiness and muscle weakness, but seeing as you're getting soft shells, I'm more inclined to say its a deficiency. (OR the hen is deficient and the rest are getting too much, but I think thats relatively unlikely) Have you tried seeded grass? Or cuttlebone? I've never encountered a bird that will reject grass, even if they've been raised on seed only... There are some other minerals which could be the problem (Mg, P etc) but I think Ca is likely to be the problem. Hope this helps, and good luck!
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