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  1. My birds love the leaves, they sometimes eat those and don't eat the rest
  2. Lovely bird Jimmy. He looks a good size
  3. Wow nice baby It has good feather and wing pattern and a nice width of head. It's also a good size. Keep us posted on how it comes though it's first moult. Well done
  4. Healthy droppings shouldn't stick to them. I think a trip to an avian vet for a check would be a good idea.
  5. Is he fluffed up and what do his dropping look like?
  6. Great, it's just that some people keep their birds inside and give them cuttlefish for the calcium but no vit D so they don't absorb it and the hens use the calcium out of their bones when they lay eggs and it can cause major health problems.
  7. Because you are breeding inside I would be giving them a liquid calcium with vitamin D. The birds need the vitamin D to help them absorb calcium, not all birds eat the cuttlefish, some just chew on it and not ingest it so the hens don't get enough calcium to make up for what they are losing in the egg laying process.
  8. Please G.B start a post, I miss all the people that were here when I joined the forum. As Robyn said your knowledge would be very helpful, there seems to be more newbies then experienced breeders at the moment. Glad to see you popping in Robyn, I hope everything moves smoothly for you and you can get some birds soon.
  9. Thanks Phill, they are nothing compared to yours. I would love your birds and would be so grateful. If you haven't already membership is due. I hope to see you soon.
  10. After a heartbreaking breeding season I thought I would post some pictures of my 2 babies Baby 1 Baby 2
  11. Hi and welcome to the forum
  12. Yes there has been a decline (in NSW I know). I've only been breeding show types for about 2 years but I've been told how many members there were compared to now and I've seen in my own club since I've been there we have lost some long time breeders who just don't want to do it any more. It's very sad.
  13. They are better photos. The yellow is a hen and coming into condition.
  14. I'm no expert but I don't think you have 2 females, they could both be males. The top one I think is a male recessive pied and their ceres don,t go blue it stays pink to flesh coloured. The second one has scaly face and needs treatment. Again I'm no expert hopefully someone else will comment.
  15. Can you post a photo of their ceres? She sounds like she might be starting to go in the right direction. Have you got nesting material in the box?
  16. Hi and welcome to the forum
  17. NO it's not your fault, you did everything you could!!! I don't understand the vet though because usually by the time budgies look really sick it's often to late to save them ( they are really good at hiding illness). It is thought that most budgies are carriers of megabac (Avian Gastric Yeast) and it can come out in times that the bird is physically or emotionally stressed e.g. his moulting. I am really sorry for loss These things unfortunately happen ( I know I lost 7 just before Christmas to an unknown illness) and it's definitely NOT your fault.
  18. I'm no expert but if I had a guess I would say it's a golden face double factor dominant pied. BudgieOwner I think yours is the same except it's yellow face instead of golden face
  19. Hi and welcome to the forum. Wow what a terrible thing to happen I think she has just had enough. You will have to be prepared she may attack these chicks if they hatch but if she doesn't and all goes well I would be taking the hen out when the chicks are about 3 weeks old and let the father raise them. Good luck
  20. Hi and welcome to the forum. The sort answer to is it that easy the answer is NO, not if you want to do it with the best outcome for the birds health. All I can say it do your research on food and vitamin requirements and breeding conditions. If you are going to colony breed you wont be able to pick which birds will pair up and you will need twice as many nest boxes then pairs or other wise you may end up with birds fighting which will end up with injuries or death of adults and chicks. Breeding can be extremely rewarding and also heart breaking all at the same time. You have found the right place to do your research and ask question happy reading and don't forget to check out the F.A.Qs
  21. Yes, it's normal. It is moulting some head feathers and they will grow back.
  22. Sorry to hear you have another sick bird I remember a post on the forum for the same thing, i'll see if I can find it. How long have you had her for and how old is she?
  23. Nadene

    Hi, I'm Brax

    Hi Brax, Welcome to the forum. Wow you sound like one busy person I hope you find a feathered friend really soon. I think the worst part about breeding is the addiction, you start off with one or two pairs and before you know it you're wishing you had a bigger aviary and as far as I know there is no rehab centre for budgie addiction (thank goodness) and I know because I started off with 2
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