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  1. Very devastated, i lost my 7th bird to an unknown virus :(

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    2. Nadene


      Thanks Phoebes and BUDGIE LOV3R. No it's not coccidiosis, I treat my birds often for that because my aviary gets wet floors when it rains.

    3. robyn


      Just catching up Nadene sorry you are having a problem, are they your show stock? Have you found out any more/ lost any more (I hope not). It's awful when you can't find the problem, are they babies or older birds? check seed etc to see if that's a factor. Hope you find the answer soon.


    4. Nadene


      Thanks Robyn, yes they have all been my show stock so far. Touch wood no more are showing signs of illness. It has gone through all ages from 4 months to 6 year olds.

  2. Happy mothers day to all the mothers, incuding the ones who just have budgie kids

    1. Budgie_Mad


      I like the part on even if its just budgie kids.

    2. L__J


      well fathers day I wonder if I will get any presents.


      they can buy the seed lol

  3. I had my first go at crop needling tonight!!!

    1. robyn


      Was it a "how to" demo or did you need to do it?

    2. Nadene


      It was a how to at a club meeting. I've never been so scared of killing a bird but I didn't :)

  4. YAY just changed my show breeder status to yes :)

    1. JimmyBanks
    2. robyn


      Good luck with it Nadene.Hope you have a lot of success with your showy's

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