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  1. Hi Jacko, Please take a look at my Taming post.. All your questions will be answered.. Yours B.J. hi , i went to look at your web site but it stated error...? this budgie i mentioned is usually tame and calm, but tonight was different
  2. hi i have a blue male budgie about 1 y o, he gets let of cage almost daily to fly and he has a male mate. We let him out tonight and he seems obsessed with just biting, cannot distract him from biting, almot crazy behaviour, any ideas
  3. I am having trouble uploading a photo but will keep trying, thank you for the link....Im not sure what mutation the budgie is...as im very new to this. He/she is mainly yellow with some blue i think recessive pied, dark eyes, im thinking hes a boy but not 100%. He also humps his toy alot?
  4. I have a budgie that has a cere that is pink with blue dots
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