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  1. Hi Finnie , that has crossed my mind , iam going on that the Hen has brown cere and the cock has blue and when paired up they were both dark its funny though when i put them back in flight idid double take again yes it blue , driving me crazy lolol many thanks for help Hi Bird junky like i say i am very new to budgie breeding , just been following advise on here , the pair in question we well happy doing the kissing and cuddling bit both cere,s were dark blue and brown been supplying a good diet seed, greens eggfood, millet etc i am no expert but all the signs were there i think all the eggs but 1 are fertile , to be honest shes seams a lot happier today looks like i have long way to go in learning my budgie trade lolol many thanks for your responce This is NORMAL and not late at all Hi Kaz good at least i no what to look out for in the future learning everyday many thanks for your response
  2. Hi All just a quick question i am new to breeding budgies and seam a bit confused , like this week had two pair in my birding cages for about 2 weeks and no inter action between the birds took place apart for the hens having a peck at the cocks my question is this both male when returned to the flight went straight to other male birds and starting feeding each other and for a better word starting doing the courting routine , and dont even seam interested in the hens in the flight my second question is this , i have an 2010 hen in a other breeding with 6 eggs all but 1 are fertile she was late to sit on the eggs not till the 3rd egg was laid did she sit, after the 6th egg was laid she has started to attacking the cock bird every time he goes near the food/seed tray , i have removed the cock bird for his own safety and he has settled back in the flight okay my question is will it be okay to leave the hen on her own? or will she abandoned the nest? or can she still sit on the eggs and feed herself also? my problem being i have no more nests to move the eggs all advise welcome many many thanks Tim
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