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  1. Thankyou everyone, at least i have my other two beautiful budgies and two amazing Scarlet-chested parrots to get me through this bad time.
  2. Today, Rosie, my most loved bird has had its life shortened to this point. Yesterday whilst my mum was putting the other bird in with the breeding pair, the cat must of snuck through and hid in the garage. That night she went to a concert and i went to my dads, we returned home today and had found that william ( the black cat) was next to the breeding cage with the breeding box slightly moved, i also found the male breeding budgie on top of the other girls cage and the cat fiercly looking at it, i had no sight of rosie, and immedietly put the cat out side and began to search for rosie. I looked all through all the nestboxes i had and the cage everywhere, but couldnt find her. ! i then saw a few feathers (tailfeathers) and looked behind the mirror and found a pile of feathers. alot of them, im guessing that the cat ate the bird fully because i cant find rosie anywhere. Rosie you will be greatly missed and my favourite, ill miss you. <3
  3. hi, thankyou for your reply, i gave her a drop just in case. yes i am guessing this is near the end, it has been going for a while but shes looking alot better now.
  4. If its her second clutch then it should be fine just make sure you provide enough calcium for the eggs. After that you should give her a rest. Sorry if im wrong, please correct me if i am.
  5. this is her today, her cere is a bit more crusty
  6. okay great, i put card board over it and she is just starting to make a hole. once she gets through that can be her reward (being in there) hahaha
  7. thankyou. i set it up as you said and placed the nest box outside but they can still see it. Thankyou alot, but how long do you think it is until she is in condition.?
  8. thankyou BJ i did all your 'corrections' haha. how long do i take the box out? when will she be at her peak condition? cheers
  9. Hi, i have set up a breeding cage for my budgies and i was just curious to see if they are in a good condition to breed. Here is the picture of the cage. They have the following: Finch flight cage Cuttle bone Water with 2 drops of Avi-Drops (Multivitamin and added iodine) Calcium block Grit and Charcoal block Budgie Mix with added breeder pellets and Safflower seeds. Sprouted seed twice a week. Vegies Monday,Wednesday, Saturday. Egg and biscut crumble Tuesday. Normall egg with shell on Sunday. Natural Branch. Nest box Placed outside of the cage with wood shavings. Millet friday. As you can see they love the millet haha Here is their seed and pellet diet. here are the budgies are they in condition? Male: Female: Note:The picture of the breeding cage was taken a week ago and have bought a number of new things for the cage. Thankyou, any comments would be great
  10. Thankyou everyone, thankgod i got the right size... i started to freak out, but thats all good The budgie is 10 and 1/2 months old and should be fine when i start to breed. How about the brownness above the cere on the feathers on the first picture? what does that mean? cheers, lochie
  11. Thankyou everyone, noo! i dont colony breed haha this picture was taken a few weeks ago and i have taken the boxes out. Kaz, do you think if i took the budgies out (because im breeding them ), could i put a pair of gouldian finches in there? thankyou
  12. thankyou flip-trainer. yes definitely! i am hand rearing the babies and as soon as weaned they will go into another cage. what size do you use?
  13. Hi sorry, im not that experienced with sexing budgies but here is the link to post the pictures. http://forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au/faqs/index.php?action=artikel&cat=1&id=243&artlang=en
  14. Locksta12

    My Flock...

    Hi guys, i have an aviary which holds 4 birds, 2 scarlett chested parrots and 2 budgies. I am currently setting up for breeding season and i have some questions. when will she come into breeding condition? and what is the brown above the cere area? is the boy in good condition by the looks of him? is his cere color correct.? I want to breed this pair: This is the cage i bought them today. is it okay? My male scarlet: normal: in flight: Unfortunately i couldn't get any quality pictures of the female. they all turned out bad. Thankyou any answers would be great yours, lochie
  15. Thankyou B.J , another question, without any breeding happening in the aviary how many birds could i fit? cheers, lochie
  16. Hi, i have three budgies and two scarlet chested parrots in an aviary. There are nest boxes provided and i just wanted to see which female the budgie would pair with. I saw which one he chose so i moved the other bird inside. Today i noticed the female in the box and the male on the floor. The female then climbed on top of the box and the male flew up and started to feed her. what should i look out for? what will happen next? the aviary: Inside the aviary:
  17. hi guys, i was just curious if i could grow some seed and put it into the budgie cage until the bird has began to destroy it haha if i was to grow some seed, i would grow more then one pot of it so i could rotate through so the budgie wouldnt destroy the whole thing and i would give the seed/ plant some time to grow back. P.S: this will be fore my inside budgie, not my aviary birds. Thankyou.
  18. Hi thankyou i will be sure to do that, but would be cutting the feathers around the vent and spraying and cleaning the vent help it heal faster. Thankyou.
  19. I have this one budgie that i have had for around 3 months and have noticed a weird bottom infection, it looks like egg binding but the early stages. she does pick at it but i dont know what the problem is. Could someone tell me please?! here are some photos of her. Thankyou so much!
  20. YES!!! Even if you just had the budgies in there, colony breeding (which is breeding in groups) often leads to deaths of chicks AND parents. As a new breeder you and better off buying a breeding cage and taking a pair out and putting them in there. The fact that you have other birds in the aviary also I would definitely NOT breed any bird in this situation. Also, you mention you got them 3 months ago, do you know how old they are? As you need to be sure they are above 12 months of age before breeding. thankyou so much, i have had a long thought about it and i have decided to buy the pair a breeding cage to breed in and sell the other two females and the scarlets can have their own aviary thankyou alot and i will post soon a breeding journal of the budgies
  21. hi, i am relatively new to this forum and discussion about budgies. I have done a lot of research about budgies eg. their behavior, breeding, health. etc. And i have decided to breed budgies. I have an aviary outside, which at the moment holds 7 birds. the aviary is fully enclosed bricked around the edges to prevent any rodents entering the aviary. The aviary is 1.5 meters in width, 1.5 meters in Depth and 1.9 meters in height. The aviary has 3 females and 1 male. i got them around 3 months ago and have discovered the sex. i am looking at selling one of the female budgies and replacing the budgie with a male. also in the aviary includes a pair of scarlet chested parrots and one quail. i am just curious that it might be dangerous breeding the budgies together. Thankyou.
  22. heey, sorry im not very good at sexing. ive waited around 2 months for his or her color to come through but i cant decide?.. HELP?
  23. heeey, (s)he has got a bit more color now.
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