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    Animals, dance, swimming, tennis, Breeding Parrots, budgies and finches. I love photography and landscape photos.
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About Me

hi, My name is Lochie.

Im fourteen and incredibly in love with animals and birds. I'm Australian and live in the spectacular coastal town Torquay. I have an amazing bond to animals, they bring such happiness into your life and to me, i think that every animal should have a chance to breed and have children (which by the end gets quite hectic in the house) . I have 4 fish in a pond, 2 scarlet chested parrots, 3 budgies ( 2 in an aviary and the other a house bird), A dog (Bonnie, she turns 11 in august, still alive as she has ever been) and 2 cats, ( Whitney and William, William is Whitney's son.). I have a older brother who is 18. My Aviary is at home (in Winchelsea) which is at my mums house, and my dad lives in Torquay.


If you read that, you basically know half my life. haha, Thank-you for reading. :)

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