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    Welcome! Such a pretty bird, great colours.
  2. Hi guys thanks so much for the excellent feedback, I think I was definitely guilty of encouraging him by going to him and telling him to be quiet every time he got very noisy. :/ I will stop that now haha. I also rearranged his cage and added some new shredding toys which has already helped alot.
  3. Hi guys, I am having a small problem with Chip at the moment. He is very much bonded to me now, and is free flighted. The problem is that he has started screeching everytime I leave the room. I usually spend a least a couple of hours with him everyday, but still have to work/study. I am worried about the neighbours hearing him and being annoyed, as I am in an apartment. Is there anything I can do to keep him relatively quiet/ entertained during the time when I'm not there? I'm not in a position to get another budgie, due to the fact that I live in an apartment and I think the noise would drive me crazy.
  4. Hi guys, I bought Chip a play gym, also I think his wings have fully regrown. He can now fly around my room, with supervision. I will not be clipping his wings again as he is fully tamed and I am not having any problems. He is not crashing into walls or windows which is good. Hope everyone is well!
  5. What a cutie! I hope they have fun with him!
  6. Thanks guys!! :) Chip has had his last injection and is much better! No more sneezing and vet said he has put on more weight which is good. Although I am very much broke now... He is also getting though the molt, his flight feathers and growing back and I don't think I will clip them once they have. He is so much more confident now that he can fly a bit more. Here is a photo of him looking handsome.
  7. Hi guys Chip is doing very well!! No more sneezes or tail bobbing. Vet also said he has put on some more weight which is good. He goes for his last injection on Thursday. I am very happy!! :)
  8. Hi guys, Thanks for the comments, Frisky looks gorgeous! I have some bad news, I took Chip to an avian vet today because he had been sneezing and tail bobbing a bit in the last couple of days. It looks like he has the start of a respiratory infection. The vet gave him an injection of doxycycline (I think, can't remember) and we have to back for a couple of weeks for more injections... I really hope he gets through it. On the plus side the vet said he was still looking pretty good, very active, was a good weight and has been eating well. My poor chippy, he was so well behaved, even chatted up the taxi driver on the way back home. Also gee the vet is expensive...
  9. Hi guys thanks for the responses, I gave some hard boiled egg to Chip today I just smashed it up with a fork and put it in a dish in his cage but I don't think he ate any.. Any tips? Gosh I can't wait till molting is over he is such a grumpy thing at the moment.
  10. Hello all, This has turned into a bit of a Chip blog.. Here are some more photos of my lovely boy. He is currently molting and he has been incredibly grumpy and well as looking really scruffy. He had a bath today and I think it has helped tremendously. I have been a bit cautious about giving him baths because it's been extremely cold here in Melbourne. He also let me give him a head rub today which I have not been able to do recently with out getting snapped at. Also his cere is starting to go blue!! I have had a bit of a look around for the product 'molting aid' but can't find anything. Is it really necessary? He is still getting lots of veg and tried apple for the first time the other day. Hurrah! Here are some pictures just after bath time in the sink.
  11. Hello, another update on Chip, and some more photos. He is doing well and being cheeky. I am starting to have success with the veggies, he is eating celery tops and broccoli but tends to be a wary of fruit or veg that isn't green.. I have seen him regurgitating and generally acting like he is in love with one of his toys, it doesn't really bother me, but just wondering if this is normal behaviour? There is nothing shiny in his cage, it's just a wooden block kind of toy. Also he is starting to fly higher and further than he used to. He avoids the windows, and now he can fly back to his cage/ to me. I think I will let his wings grow out and see how I go with him. He still enjoys his daily head rubs and is quite "cuddly". The first picture is him being cheeky while I study, and the second is him enjoying some celery leaves. EDIT: Also, Chip is about 4 months old now. Do I need to re worm him?
  12. Thanks Robyn, I think he looks as if he's been coloured in with a yellow highlighter..
  13. Hi guys, quick update on chip, we are best buds now! He spends the majority of his time hanging out on my shoulder. He is also starting to talk a bit although it is tricky to understand him, he mimics the clicking sounds that I always make to him. This is a picture of him after a bath (which he loves to have most warm days). Iris rings are starting to come in!!
  14. How to post photos: http://forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au/faqs/index.php?action=artikel&cat=1&id=243&artlang=en And welcome to the forum
  15. I have nil experience but I'm going to guess... boy?
  16. Hi Finnie, thanks I'll keep that in mind . I got an eyebrow preen from him today and I'm absolutely stoked!
  17. Thanks for the advice guys, he is out of his cage eating millet as we speak. I tried sprinkling some millet seed on the floor outside his cage and that is seeming to do the trick. Will have to vaccum tomorrow..
  18. Thanks everyone! Today he realised his love of millet... and he went a bit crazy. Quick question, Chip is already reasonably hand tame, but I have trouble getting him out of the cage, he loves it so much he never really wants to leave it..How should I be trying to lure him out? I was trying with the millet and it worked to an extent. I often leave the cage door open but still he doesn't seem to want to come out on his own .
  19. More photos of chip, he's getting noisy now that he's settled in.. Loves seeded grass but won't touch any other veggies.
  20. Thanks guys! I'm already smitten.
  21. Hey guys, I picked this guy up yesterday and already he is such a friendly little thing. I purchased him already hand tamed from a breeder. Eats out of my hand, lets me give him little head scratches, and has already tucked into his seeded grass. I think I will call him chip, or chippy.
  22. Thanks again Kaz! Really appreciate it.
  23. Hi guys, I posted a topic in this section a few days ago about the sex of a baby budgie I was possibly going to purchase. Unfortunately that budgie is no longer available for me and now I am looking at getting another one from the same breeder. These are the pictures that the breeder has sent me and I was hoping that you guys might be able to confirm sex for me, as I will need to pick him up this sunday. The breeder said that he is around seven weeks old. Also am I correct in saying that he/she is a lutino budgie? Much appreciated, sorry to be so annoying!
  24. Thanks Kaz! Glad to hear it
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