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  1. We have had our budgie for 6months, she was never well when we brought her home.


    We took her to an avian vet immediately and was diagnosed with MegaBac, we treated her for over 3months and now tests negative to it, but she still isnt well.


    She had a bobbing tale when we first had her, and was treated with Baytril (anti-biotic), without improvement but the Vet said that was normal...


    Several months later, she is deteriorating, the tail bobbing is worse. The vet is all out of ideas, she tested negative form clamydia twice, her white blood cell count is elevated and liver proteins are slightly elevated. She has had full blood work done on two occasions.


    As a last resort she was put on Spironox (anti-fungal) and Baytril again, she appears to be getting worse.


    She lost her appetite and we are crop feeding her hand rearing formula.


    We are desperate, we have seen 2 highly recommended avian vets in melbourne without any progress.


    Can anyone suggest anything at all that may help us?



  2. We are looking to get an aviary set up in our backyard, can anyone recommend somewhere in Melbourne that builds and installs? I have zero handyman skills and would be much happier to pay someone to build a safe a secure one.


    We are looking at adopting and training a family member's cockatoo who probably isnt receiving enough attention. Its plucked some of its feathers from its stomach so we are concerned that it may be too cold in an outdoor aviary in a melbourne winter. Are there companies that will install heating systems/insulation in order to keep birds warm? Is this necessary?


    Sorry for all the questions, we just want to make sure we do this correctly.


    Any advice would be appreciated :)

  3. Thanks for the warm welcomes!!


    I will post pictures of pumpkin over the weekend. I only just found out that "Show Budgies" were also known as "English"


    My budgies isnt a show budgie, so i didnt mean to mislead!!

  4. Thanks for the information and warm welcome :)


    I think a male budgie could be a very good idea if they are unlikely to breed. We do want a companion for our 1st bird.


    I will also check out Bird City, thanks for the contact.


    Ive found some good information about quarantining on this forum.


    Lol, i didnt know show budgies were referred to as "english", thanks for letting me know!!!

  5. Hi guys,


    Just a quick intro.


    Im a novice to owning birds. My wife has owned cockatoo's and cockateils all her life.


    I currently have 1 english budgie (hen) her name is pumpkin, and looking to buy a female bushy.


    This forum looks great. We want to give the best possible home and health to our birds so im excited about the wealth of information in this forum.




  6. Hi there,


    Im new to owning budgies.


    My wife and I currently have one female English Budgie, we are looking for advice on where to purchase a female bush budgie.


    We have heard bad things in the past about buying them from pet stores and unreputable breeders as they can have diseases/MegaBacc etc


    Can anyone recommend a good breeder in Melbourne and anything to look out for?




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