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  1. Hi, Sorry it has take so long, but the camera died so I have used my phone. This Haru, he is the one pictured in my avatar. This is Hunter. Well to update they are both back in the same cage without mirrors and so far their is no problem. They are getting along great. Hunter seems more interested in his neighbour, then his room mate. As for my love bird, yes he/she is very vocal, even gets the wing slapping. It kind of like watching a rodeo. We have tried the soft toy, but was too afraid and then just poops on. Doesn't really matter what sex she is, she's having fun and that all that is important to her. But I have notice that if I have a tissue she wants it. I will give her some printing paper and see what she does with it. But on the paper subject I have seen Hunter ripping the paper line of the cage if it sticks through, but Haru doesn't do it. Might try the paper on Hunter as well see what he gets up too. Cause he likes the tissue too. Just to note I don't give it too them. As for Haru's bald spot, well it is still the same. There are no sores on it or it isn't red. There are no extra feathers in the cage as they have finished molting. He has no other bald spots or missing feathers. I think maybe it could be cause he is sitting/roosting on the perch. He seems happy enough singing and blowing kisses. He is eating and drinking. Maybe drinking a lot more but I think that is because it has been hot and I drink more in the heat. Or maybe it's just because when he was in the other cage I had his water in a smaller bowl and it appeared as he was drinking more. Anyway thanks again for all the help Lynnette
  2. I face palmed myself when I worked it. Hunter does have a blue and white cere. It is whitish around the nostrils. I will take photo tomorrow and post it here so you can have a look. But, I do have a question. Do females hump objects? Haru is definitely a male, he is the feeder of the group. Where as Hunter is bitchy and a biter. I just figure maybe we had gay bird. But then that would also explain why the lovebird has taken a shine to Hunter. Well hopefully you can help let me know tomorrow. Thanks for all your help.
  3. I figured out what is wrong with Hunter and why he has all of a sudden turned into a sex crazed manic. Even though he is 6 years old, this is his first spring. See we lived in Queensland and there is only two season up there, moving down to Victoria has shown him 4 seasons. When spring rolled around, it is obvious that he started feeling urges he has never felt before. Now that there are no mirrors he seems fine. I put the two back together and so far so good. There was a little boasting, but no fighting. They even shared a swing together. I am hoping that they will be alright together. I just got worried as I don't want Hunter or Haru for that matter to get hurt. As for Haru's bald spot I will keep an eye on him and see how he goes. Oh there was a question about was I sure they were both boys. Well I would have to way no as I am no expert. However, my eldest daughter has said they are. I actually thought that Hunter may have been a girl, but has blue across his beak. It is not as bright as Haru, but it is still blue. I put that down to the fact they are two different types of budgies. Thanks for all your help anyway.
  4. No I do not mean millimeters. I mean centimeters . If you take your fingers and make a okay symbol with them then that is how big the spot it. That is why I asked if it was normal cause I have never seen it on him before. And the only reason I notice this time is cause of the angle he has to get to eat his foot. Haru has a deformed toe and find it hard traveling around the cage so I put his food up near his perch to make it easy for him. I have to admit I do spoil him. The spot is about the size of a 10 to 20 cents piece. Maybe I should have used circumference instead of diameter.
  5. Firstly thanks for all your answers. Last night I had to checked on the birds and as their cages are right next to each other I found them both asleep right next to each other, and they were still like that this morning. They love each other and miss each others company. So mirrors could be the problem. Hunter has always had a obsession with them. They sleep for around 14 hours a night so sleep time is not the problem. I actually thought that we left asleep to long, so knowing this is the right thing to do, is a good thing. Haru feathers. Well he has feathers that cover his bottom as he moves, but when they are open and move away he is bare like a plucked chicken. It looks like his skin is a normal pink, not red or bleeding anything like, and it looks clean. He does sit on the perch. I have notice that he sits like he is roosting. He wiggles down so that his bottom is sitting on the perch, and he does this for long hours. I though it had more to do with his age. Oh nearly forgot the size of the area that is bare is about 5 to 10cm diameter. As for mixing with other birds, it could work for Haru, not sure for Hunter. About a year ago we had an extra 4 baby birds. We move so I ended up giving them away, I actually wanted to give all of them, but the girls beg me to keep at least Haru, Hunter and Kieri. The babies were in their own cage, but we took them out and let them interact with the boys. Haru fatten up and pick one to feed all the time, Hunter pick one and wanted to mate. Turns out the one he picked was a male. I have thought about rehousing them. It has been running through my mind for the last few months. But, I have a few questions about that. Because they see themselves as a flock, would it be to stressful on Kieri to be separated from the budgies? When you take either of them away into another room Kieri calls for them, until you bring them back. I just want to explore that option in case I can't find someone to take them all. Well thanks again for all your help and I will go and try and find them some toys with out mirrors so that they don't get too bored.
  6. Hi, I have 2 male budgies and 1 male (I think) peach face lovebird. They were my eldest daughter's but she has moved out and left me to look after them. We have had Haru (blue) for 7 years, he was a little older then the other birds and my daughter felt sorry for him so she pick him. He is a beautiful bird, but has a very nervous disposition. We got Hunter (green) about six months later. Hunter is complete opposite to Haru, he is open and out there kind of spirit. Although Hunter does not like to be touched, but will step up. They bonded great and loved each other. Hated to be separated. We got Kirei, our love bird about four years ago. She/He was sitting all by itself and tugged at my heart strings and with my daughter's puppy dog eyes I said yes. Now the pet shop owner said that Kirei was a girl, but all she I mean he does is pole dance. We could not cure him of humping we took everything away and he learned to use is perch and hang on with one foot. Can't take away the perch and leave him in a bare cage. Kirei bonded with Hunter and tolerates Haru. Anyway the boy budgies lived in a cage together, or did I should say. Kirei has his own cage. About a month and a half back Hunter started acting weird, very dominate over Haru. Poor Haru would screech in horror and we would run to find Hunter trying to have his way with Haru. I took Haru out of their cage and put him one of his own. Haru is loving it, but he does miss his mate. Well Hunter hasn't stopped. Anything with a mirror on it he would get frisky with so we took them out. All except a ladder that I had brought for Haru it has a mirror on the top of it. Anyway Hunter pulled off the side and had it on the bottom of the cage and romancing himself in the reflection. Eventually the ladder turned over so he couldn't see himself. Once they all calmed down last week I tried to put the birds back together, but although Haru was happy about it. Hunter was a little bit to aggressive so I didn't keep them together. Then this morning I turned the mirror over on the ladder and Hunter when crazy. He was rubbing himself across the bottom of the cage. I took the ladder out but not without a fight. He tried to bite me, but the scary thing is it was more playful then he was trying to hurt me. This is a bird that will run if you point at him. But this morning it was the opposite I had to try and slowly remove the ladder without hurting him or letting him out of the cage. My questions are, is this normal? How long will it last? It is all because it is breeding season or something more? Just to note I do not want more birds, I am actually allergic to them, but put up with it for the kids. The other thing I would like to know is about my little Haru. I have rearranged his cage and his food bowl is in a place that now when he feeds his little bum shows up. But I noticed yesterday that he bottom is bare. It is like he has a bare batch down there, but it is not noticeable if he stands up normal. Is it normal that there is no feathers down there? I think that is all. I am just worried about them and thought I would ask for some advice. Thanks Lynnette
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