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  1. They are all from different breeders for a starter so it´s not genetically what we know. We have checked the youngster for viruses wich came out clean. and, to our great joy when we was at the vet last week for a checkup to see how much worse it had gotten all the new tests came out clean. the X-ray was like frome a handbook and so was the exterior examination according to the vet, and the blood test didnt show anything at all. it was all like taken from a handbook of how a healthy bird should be. the things we did was first of all move to a different apartment in a new town far away from the old place (that way we also got to a new vet) second of all we gave them organic decaffeinated green tea! and organic aloe vera juice diluted in water (1 part aloe vera juice and 4 parts water) but they only got that for 2 days so we´re not sure how it affected them. but anyhow, the examination sais he is as healthy as a bird can be! also the bird we have that had a huge amount of basophiles a couple of months ago had almost the same results, she did have some high values in the blood, but the vet said it might just have been stress. so, whatever happened the symptoms they shown earlier is completely gone. but, we still keep an eye on them just in case.
  2. Omg the moulting ones. I like your photos, nice for the birds to get branches in to enjoy. Whats the name of the tree where the branches come from?
  3. An update.. in January we tried a medicine called Stronghold on her, its the same type as ivermectin (if thats spellt wright) in case she had some internal parasites. At the same time we reduced her stress by putting her in her own cage with a very kind budgie that wasnt bothering her. After a few doses she became like a new budgie, it was a joy to see. I didnt know she could be that fast in her movements, flys, curious and playful. She seemed to enjoy life a lot. In march she started moulting thou and that positive change dissapeared. Once again we have started on Stronhold, giving to the back of her neck every second week. So far no change for the better. I have to face a difficult decision if she wont get better. Her diagnos is still unclear.
  4. Zingo

    Green Tea?

    Thank you. Unfortunately my budgies cant get natural sunlight, its freezing spring weather here in Sweden. What is carrot and sellery good for? I dont know where to find that juice in organic form for them, but i´ll give him carrots now more often. Fresh carrots. Now the vet isnt 100 % sure its blood cancer he got. Getting him to the vet next week to another avian vet for a check up of his blood. But wish me luck, Ive finally found an organic decaffeinated green tea for him. Will give him today.
  5. I removed the lamp right away of course. What i dont know thou is if there is some gas inside the infrared lamps that could harm them. We bought a couple of new heating lamps today. A couple of my budgies need heating as they have health issues at the moment.
  6. Thanks. I dont breed, althou ive had that thought to breed my pair. They are often mating, but picky, the hen isnt healthy for that I dont have children so they are more like my babies, my family. Unfortunatrly 2 of them are passed now.
  7. Of course I have to post a few pictures here... Have taken HEAPS of photos of my budgies during the last years.
  8. Our budgies infrared heatlamp just broke, exploded above their cage. Is that dangerous to them? We are Opening up the window here, in case... But would like to know.
  9. Thanks for a great answer. what about a LCD tv? whats the distance recomended around that? i have read that it shouldnt be more then a couple of inches, but i dont know if i can trust that source completely. anyway, we dont have anything other than the TV (wich is a LCD) in the same room as them right now. they are placed atleast 3m from the TV now, and when thy are out flying they dont stay within 2m from it anyway (they usually stay on the curtain pole) so im not really concerned about it after your answer, but it´s great to know so we can avoid placing bad things near them in the future. what do you think about Infrared heat lights? they should be okay i hope? and same about special bird UV lights (from Arcadia), what distance would you recomend between that and the cage? there are a lot of questions right now, since 1 bird died in august in Leukemia, one in Mars from Lymphoma and our youngest one wich has been with us since November has very high levels of Lymfocytes (wich might indicate Lymphoma or Leukemia) if it´s effecting them THAT FAST it must be something very bad. the youngest one is from a different supplier and a different breeder so it´s impossible it may be from there. our only conclusion is that it is (or was) something in our old home. we pray that our youngster may live a long and happy life, but cancer in birds seems to be impossible to save them from.
  10. Dont know. Maybe birds used to be hardier than they are these days as we breed them further away from the original budgie. Maybe seed used to be better than it is today too I think so too. Budgies 10-15 years ago were healthier. Ive been thinking about the same thing as Cara. Some birds have poor diet, not much to do in the cage and are not flying outside the cage and manage to get old. While you can do everything right (what you believe is right) and your budgies have health problems. I know that feeling.
  11. Zingo

    Green Tea?

    Ive read a bit about chamomile tea, that its as you say for stressed budgies.. Suppose theres none coffein in there. Ive read that black tea has about twice as coffein (that is the dangerous part..?) as green tea, so if black tea is not toxic to them green tea perhaps isnt either..? Just thinking loud. Can you tell me how you dilute the tea, you say you give them weak chamomile, do you dilute it with water?
  12. Zingo

    Green Tea?

    Thank you for your answer. I read somewhere on the net a few days ago that someone gave green tea to their budgies....and perhaps one more person. But im still quite afraid. Yes she is a vet for exotic birds and other little pets, one of the few exotic bird vets in Sweden. We now moved away from their clinic but still keeping email contact, as we are awating some more results tests, virus tests for the budgie i would like to give tea. Im not 100 % confident in her.. P.S. 10 minutes ago I noticed that green tea is a part of Aloe Detox. I dont know who members here are familiar with Aloe Detox, this is very new information even for me. One can try it when a bird doesnt respond to medication, especially when the liver and kidney are ill. I dont know if it works, havent got it home yet, but just informing. http://www.vitacost.com/lily-of-the-desert-aloe-vera-80-detoxifying-formula
  13. We have a Air Purifier and a Air Humidifier wich we bought for our birds, but we are thinking that maybe they are causing our problems, both are ionizing and we wonder if they produce some kind of radiation or similar. we know that the purifier according to the manufacturer may produce "small amounts" of ozon, might that be the cause? does anyone know anything about it? is the ionizing dangerous to the birds? does anyone use similar things? we dont use them anymore after we moved and we are afraid to use them right now (until we find sources that say if they are dangerous or not, we wont take any chances.)
  14. Thank you. They bought bought in different stores in Stockholm, two of them from different suppliers, from personal homes. So its not that... At first we thought it was something wrong with my flat that made them very sick, like radon, I´ll never know if there was radon in my flat. I moved a week ago. After research about leukemia we suspect the air purifier and air humidifier both are ionising, that I bought FOR my birds earlier. Like radion thats been cause their bloodcancers. I dont use them since a week ago.
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