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  1. thanks for that.... will check it out.....
  2. Well we didn't think they would start breeding so quickly, Hubby only built the aviary 3/4 mnths ago, got some birds... next thing you know we had a couple of babies......one poor little bub, we took to the Vet his little legs were just straight , the Vet said his legs were fused ... so the best to do was put him to sleep... poor little thing, now we have one his aren't to bad , hopefully they will get better. I didn't think that they would breed that quickly......We weren't really worried if they did our not. looks like they are trying again....so if anyone has a suggestion on a good book .. I would be most appreciative....
  3. What's a wooden concave ?
  4. I am only new at this... what do you put on the base of the nesting boxes to give the babies something to grip to so they don't end up with splayed legs
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