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  1. It is perfectly normal for a bird to lik ea big perch like that. Look at budgies in th ewild. They often perch on larg ebranches bigger than they are. What birds don like is when their feet wrap all the way around a perch. A smallperch is also bad for their feet.
  2. I always used paper towels. You hav eto change them frequently though.
  3. Thank you splat and flip trainer. I'll do all that you told me to. I really appreciate it. Oh, and I'm thirteen too flip.
  4. I have owned several budgies and haven't had much trouble but the last bird I had died within the first day I owned her. I believe that it may have been the stress of moving that was too much for her because she looked healthy at the store. I would like to get another bird but I'm concerned about making the transition harder than it needs to be. Does anyone have any tips for moving by budgie in safely?
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