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  1. Hi,There are three ways to serve eggs.... No1 is raw, not recommended by some keepers because of possible salmonella poison & it's messy, or thought io encourage egg eating during breeding. Though I never had it happen in a deliberate manner in my breeders. Just seems to be the natural way of eating eggs. No2 Soft boiled. mashed with shell & mixed with the types of food you want your birds to eat.& biscuit crumbs to crumbly mash... . No3. Hard boiled, an old Eggfood recipe its a simple basic mix that's stood the test of time. Why don't you try this You can't beat
  2. Hello. You might find this one a mite easier to follow B J's, EASY,NERVOUS or BITING BIRD TAMING... First a few tips to make life easier for you. Taming, can start before young leave the nest with your own home bred birds. With bought birds you can start as soon as they have settled into their new cage In the evening prior to your chosen taming days, provide your birds with only a basic seed mix diet & use any or all the other food items in very small portions as taming treats. Millet spray alone soon loses its appeal. Birds eat a wide variety of fruit, veg, nuts, hard
  3. Hi, Can you lift the box down inspect the chicks. Then put it back??? That would be the best bet.. Moving the box may upset the birds so they may desert the nest....B.J.
  4. USE LACTOSE FREE YOGURT If it works on mice & men It should work on birds. While browsing through a copy of the,'SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN', magazine. I thought this may be of interest to forum members... Check it out at ScientificAmerican.com It seems that a study by the, Massachusetts Institute of Technology was undertaken about the effect of yogurt on obesity in mice. To cut a long story short, the results from feeding the following where.... Group 1, a nutritious shop bought mouse food. Group 2, junk food, table scraps etc. Group 3, half nutritious & half vanilla yo
  5. Hi The normal temp test is the, Overcoat Test... If you need an overcoat to keep warm as you attend to your birds then it's to cold for breeding....There are other tests for calculating the correct temp, but I don't think they are any more accurate.....B.J.
  6. Hi Yes candle at a week old at the earliest but don't discard it until egg is 10 days old....B.J.
  7. Hi More info on your set-up diet etc, before we can even guess. Did you inquire about their diet from the breeder???......B.J.
  8. STILL THINK PELLETS ARE PURE? After the recent ongoing revelations in the Newspapers & TV, since January 2013, about contaminated meat in the human food chain worldwide. Not to mention the none disclosure of all ingredients. The bird feed industry use only vegetable protein in their pet bird pellets. ???...Yea right Full disclosure of pkt, contents is not compulsory on the grounds of patent protection. In a mixed bag of ingredients, any one of which is up to 40% of the total. can be used to name the product. For instance, "Vegetable Protein" can be 40% Veg & 60% Off
  9. Hi The adult cere's of ino's & Rec Pieds are purple. Hens are. white tan/brown....B.J.
  10. Hi Finnie After careful rechecking the image with my mass spectrometer. I have come to the conclusion the blue that caused me to pronounce the bird a type 2. Was in fact the reflection caused by the camera flash on the blue metallic perch....Should have gone to 'SPECSAVERS'...So it's just a common or garden. Half sider, then.....B.J.
  11. Hello It''s a fact of life that birds etc that raise many offspring will loose some for seemingly no reason ...B.J.
  12. Hi The original question, Was is it real. Not what is the scientific explanation of such a phenomenon. I want to breed some. Lol..... All the budgie types have names with some reference to feather pattern or colour. So what's wrong with calling it a, Type 2 yellow face half sider?......B.J.
  13. Hi Finnie I'll stick with my explanation Its shorter & easier to read... It may be chimerism but that don't stop it being called a type 2 yellow face......B.J.
  14. Budgies have been known to harass & kill Quail. On sites dedicated to Foreign Birds breeders/keepers of mixed collections are advised against keeping any parrot type bird with quail....B.J.
  15. Hi Their not that unusual. They pop up quite often. Strictly they're Yellow face type two but the yellow only shows on one side of the face & bleeds down into half the body turning the blue into green . If you examine the breast you will see the feathers are a mix of blue & yellow = Green looking.....B.J.