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    My baby budgies, my Bourke, my Doggies, my websites, my son, my wifey!!! Facebook apps are my addiction, so is xat chat!
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  1. Baby Hope is 3 weeks and his deathers r starting 2 show more :)

  2. Oochie

    Hello From Dfws!

    ty , im glad i finally found a forum where i can share my budgie talk and love for them !
  3. They are loving being parents. They have been taking great care of them and they are growing so fast. Every day I make sure they have been fed. The daddy is also participating a lot on feedings and on taking care of the mommy. They seem so content with just being able to be with them. So far everything is going well. The last egg should hatch tomorrow. I've been keeping up with dates and so far, they have been hatching on the dates I expected them to hatch. The last egg will hatch tomorrow. It already looks ready. We are able to see the egg move. It's so amazing, lil baby is ready to be out. I haven't taken pics of them cause I don't want to scare them or hurt them with the light of the camera. But when they are ready and out of the nesting house I'll have pics up .
  4. Oochie

    My Fun Aviary

    wow impressive, i wish i could do that for my birdies! looks like they would have a blast in there! very impressed !
  5. These are my babies, i don't know what i would do with out them ! Romeo he is the lil king of the castle, so he thinks! You can see bella in the back showing her purple. This is Rex and Roxie the happy parents of baby hope and 2 more eggs about 2 hatch, excited ! This is Fiesty bella(the light makes her look blue-ish) and Snow shes so sweet and all white!
  6. love the pics of ur budgies so adorable!!!!
  7. Hello everyone, MY name is Laura also known as oochie, or wawies hehe. I have had my Budgies for about almost 3 years now, Names are Rex, Roxie and they just became parents. I also have Bella, Romeo and Snow! Rex n Roxie were my first babies, my brother gave them 2 me , he has a feed store and lots of birds so we got 2 from him. On the way back to dallas from el paso, rex and roxie instantly bonded and became a couple, they had there first egg hatch 2 days ago(we r naming that one baby hope. Bella was our third budgie, shes fiesty and is purple-ish, my bestie got me a rosie bourke wich we name Romeo he came all the way from waco texas he is adorable as well and pink-rainbowish! We bought snow for my mother, she kinda lets us take care of her thow, snow is completely white! I love all my budgies and take care of them really well, they r super spoiled. They love perching outside their houses, bella has a habbit of nibbling on anything she can get her beak on, and romeo is like the lil king of them all. Rex and roxie 2 kind of 2 ocupied 2 do much , there other 2 eggs havent hatched yet , but they were layed 2 days apart so anytime now! My son and g/f already have names picked out 4 them lol, we r all anxious and have been waiting patiently for them to hatch! i will post more pics of em all soon. Ty for reading and i hope 2 meet alot of you fellow budgie/birdie lovers! love~ Laura-Oochie!!!! My Babies ( i love them all):
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