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  1. Hi there, just looking for advice - our handreared budgie is regurgitating on a mirror toy and then eating it. To be honest, its quite gross and I gather from looking at other questions it is quite normal and obviously a sign of affection and he is ready to mate, but can someone tell me what I should do next? Do I take out the mirror, we aren't really keen on getting another budgie just at the moment, and hes quite happy with just us. He gets out of his cage every day for at least an hour and is a wonderful talker. Not sure what to do next? Any advice would be great! Thanks.
  2. Hi there, we have got a handreared male budgie that is about seven months old that we have raised from 4 days old when his mum and dad attacked the nest and killed his siblings. He was the only one that we managed to save. He is really really tame, is handled daily and speaks fluently. He's just gorgeous. We are just wondering though, can we get him a mate? He's always been inside with us in a cage, so I don't want to go to a whole lot of expense and pick him a lovely friend and find that they won't get along. Can anyone tell me what is likely to happen if I try? Any advice anyone can give would be most grateful. Many thanks.
  3. Hi there, we have a handreared male budgie of about seven months old, he is just gorgeous and is very tame and even speaks quite fluently. He was the result of an aviary pair that killed their other babies and we managed to save this one from four days old. He lives inside in a cage, and is handled every day, but can he have a mate? We would love to give him a friend to play with. Has anyone got any ideas? Thanks so much.
  4. Hi there, a couple of months ago, we discovered six dead birds in one night in our aviary. One was a budgie, and there were two finches, a bourke and a canary. All had had their heads or faces pecked or picked at and some had had their stomachs pulled at and had been bleeding. It was awful. We thought that we had had a rat invasion as we had been told that this can happen so we spent hours rat proofing the aviary and have had no further trouble until last night. This morning we discovered another dead budgie with the same wounds, face, eyes and stomach. The birds have been in the aviary together for just on a year and we have had no other trouble with any of them. Would this have been another rat or mouse or is it possible for another budgie to have done this. I only wonder because this morning one was sitting on top of the dead one pecking at it. It was disgusting. Can anyone help please? We are new to the bird thing, although have been doing it for a year, but never had any problems. Any advice anyone can give would be great.
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