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  1. Thanks guys. Smokie and Edna (the new girl in town) moved in together this morning and all's going well so far :-) It's a really warm day today so they're inside today, contentedly sharing a perch. When I first put her in with him there was lots of chatter and curiosity, Smokie puffed up his forehead and had a bit of a flirt but no bickering yet so fingers crossed they've hit it off without a hitch!
  2. I was going to make a comment similar to Nadene's - something as simple as something scuttling across the bottom of the aviary, a sudden noise etc sometimes makes them startle and flap around like mad things. I lost one this way once - he had a night fright when the neighbours drove into their driveway and their headlights flashed across the room and through a little gap in his cover, and in his panic he flew into the corner of his cage and broke his neck I hope that this is the case for your little man, and not illness.
  3. Thanks Robyn! I suppose we can close our eyes to a bit of hanky panky so long as we don't have to deal with unwanted consequences (that makes me sound like the parent of an adolescent daughter - which I'm not!) ;-) I've moved their cages next to each other and they've spent the last three or four hours chortling away to each other - well, Smokie seems to be doing all the talking, the girl budgie (we'll have to come up with a name for her!) is just sitting up against the side of the cage listening, so I take that as a good sign! Will keep you posted!
  4. Hi all! About a month ago I posted on the lost and found re: a beautiful little girl budgie who landed on our front doorstep (literally!). We put out fliers, letterbox dropped and doorknocked the area but a month later have not had any responses so it looks like we'll be adopting her We've had her in the separate cage for the last month a) for quarantine and because technically she's not ours and I didn't want to get her all set up and have Smokie (and us) get attached to her only to have her owners get in touch and want her back! My question is: would she be alright in Smokie's cage with him? He has a good-sized cage, so I'm not concerned about space. It's more whether boys and girls live happily together! I have no intention of putting in a nesting box or anything, so I'd hope that that would stop things getting too complicated, but would love any advice or tips on how to (or whether to!) introduce them as successfully as possible! Cheers in advance, Rose.
  5. Found a pretty female budgie on the long weekend - trying to find her family...

  6. Hi all! it's been a loooooong time since I last posted here! This very pretty little girl arrive on our front porch on Monday afternoon. We wouldn't have realised she was there if our neighbour's daughter hadn't piped up "I don't know you had two budgies!"... which we don't - this little female was clinging to the outside of our Smokie's cage and the two of them were having a great chat! Anyway, we have her set up in Smokie's back-up cage and are hoping to find her family. We've door knocked and put fliers out but her wings are not clipped so she could have travelled miles! We're in Ourimbah on the NSW Central Coast - would be awesome if you guys could put the word out if you know anyone in the area who might have lost their little girl.
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