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  1. I had a thread in the Budgie Behavior forum about my two "males" fighting, but over the last few weeks I've noticed Zazu's cere starting to change. Now I think HE might be a SHE, and this might be why they have been fighting CONSTANTLY for weeks. Every time they go near each other they make the angry dolphin noises and peck at each others faces. Can you guys please have a look and tell me what you think. The pet shop told me they were both males, and when I first brought them home Zazu had a blue cere and Bernard had a purple one. I feel pretty silly about the whole thing Zazu - Bernard -
  2. Hey guys, I gave it a little while to test out all these theories, and as it turns out I think they are moulting. I've noticed an increase in feathers over the last few weeks all around the cage, I guess I just gotta wait it out. If they're still fighting in another few weeks I'll be back for more advice!
  3. Thanks for the replies guys! Nerwen, I change the toys in the cage around about once a fortnight, the last time I did it was about 10 days ago. Finnie, I don't think they're malting? If they were would I be noticing an unusual amount of feathers being shed? What should I be looking for? Kaz, I'll try what you said regarding the perches, mirror toys, swings and cuttlebone and see how I go! If I try all these things and it turns out they just don't like each other, where do I stand regarding separating them? Even now as I type I'm looking over my shoulder at them fighting away! Will I need to get them each a new bud?
  4. Hi Nerwen, It started out only at night over the perch, the pink one over on the right of the picture. Now it's over anything and everything, at all times during the day. They've started to sleep on opposite sides of the cage at night.
  5. G'day I was hoping someone could give me some advice on what to do about my budgies. Both are male, one has a blue cere and the other has a purple one. I bought them as babies about 8 weeks ago and everything seemed to be going alright. They were learning to step up, they'd jump all over my hand when I was holding millet etc. Happy days. The only thing that was weird is that every night, Bernard Mickey Wrangle (The blue one) would go to a particular perch where he liked to sleep, and without fail Zazu, (The yellow one) would wait until lights went out and kick him off. I'd hear the fighting and when I turned the light back on, there was Zazu sitting in Bernard's spot. I didn't worry too much, as they got along fine otherwise, but gradually, more and more, they're finding it harder to get along. They now fight over everything. As soon as one goes near the other, they'll start pecking each others heads, biting each other on the feet, making weird noises and standing up really tall with their beaks open. They fight over food, even though I've put in separate food dishes. I've also noticed they rarely preen each other any more either. I'm no budgie expert, but I thought males were supposed to be rather agreeable? I had chosen what I thought was a large enough cage so if they got fed up with each other they could get some space, but they seem to clash anyway (picture attached). I've just started to notice some weird looking patches on Zazu's head that looks like it might be where he is getting pecked. (Though he gives as good as he gets) So what should I do? Will they grow out of this? Are they just establishing an order of power or something like that? Should I separate them, and if I do, do I need to get them each another buddy to play with all day or just spend more time playing with them individually? Your advice would be very much appreciated. Cheers Dean
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