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  1. Any other suggestions? I really need some help. I work from home and if this continues I may have to consider giving him away to a family member and thats not something I want to do. I am desperate for some suggestions here. Also they get 10 hours of sleep everyday, so it shouldnt be that either.
  2. Yah we have tried this for weeks on end already and it does not help.
  3. SL26, I strongly believe it has nothing to do with him wanting my attention. These birds are not tame yet, they do not like being handled. He stops squawking because he is likely scared outside of the cage.
  4. Thanks for your input. Unfortunately, I do not believe this is the case. My budgies typically pace back and forth on the bottom of the cage when they want to come out. Although he will stop squawking once I bring him out I think its mostly because he is preoccupied, or because he is a bit uncomfortable outside the cage. Any other recommendations? The squawking is beginning to drive me mad.
  5. We do not use any scented sprays, air fresheners, candles etc. Yes we took them to an avian vet, we actually located her through the http://www.aav.org/. The first thing we mentioned was the frequency in sneezing and discolored feathers around the cere. He does not vomit and is eating, singing, playing as normal. From both my own research and posting this on a few other forums, it seems this is likely Vitamin A deficiency. Which often results in stains above the cere, and occasionally increased sneezing because of a weakened respiratory system. http://www.multiscop...ot/vitamina.htm This makes sense, because they are very stubborn birds and will only eat seeds which are notoriously low in Vitamin A content. In addition, his feet are somewhat pale and discolored another symptom of Vitamin A deficiency. We are in the process of converting them over to Harrisons pellets. Via the websites instructions we started off by introducing bird builder to their water as recommended 3 weeks before beginning the switch. The bird builder formula has iodine and trace elements, not sure if Vitamin A is included or not. Next step will be to start baking some bird bread, we are going to sneak some carrots into the mix as well.
  6. Here are some pictures I would appreciate some input. Again we took them to an avian vet and had a Chlamydia, bacterial culture and stool examination. Vet said they were healthy.
  7. We have two 5 month old male budgies, Scooter and Sammy. They get along great in late afternoon and evening; however, early in the morning and early-mid afternoon it seems like they don't get along at all. In the morning/early-mid afternoon Scooter will squawk for hours on end. Its incredibly loud and hurts my ears. Scooter is the only one that squawks. Sammy doesn't seem to do anything to antagonize him. We have tried discouraging this behavior by covering their cage with a towel. Scooter will usually quit squawking once the towel is placed over the cage, but once its removed he will go right back to shrieking. They have 2 separate food bowls, plenty of space in the cage and numerous toys. Any ideas on what might be causing this squawking behavior, and any ideas on how to stop it? Cage: 30" L X 18" W X 18" H Here is a picture of their cage
  8. My 5 month old budgie sneezes somewhat frequently throughout the day, probably 10 or so times. The discharge is a small area of matted feathers right above the nostrils on his cere. We took them to an avian vet for their first check up and mentioned this issue. She examined the bird and did not seem too concerned, in addition she did a throat swab and culture to check for particular illnesses. The labs came back and he is healthy. We know Budgies have sensitive respiratory systems, so we removed scented fragrance from our apartment. In addition, we purchased a HEPA certified air purifier. We also made certain there were no drafts by their cage. They are not by an open doorway or any windows. They are about 5 ft under an a/c vent but we tested for draft by placing a piece of notebook paper on top of the cage and it never moved. We clean the cage about once a week. Any suggestions on what we can do to improve this issue? In the mean time should I clean off the discharge matted on his feathers? Also I can try and take some pictures later today if that would be beneficial for you guys to see.
  9. Yeah we regularly hide food inside of their destructible toys and let them forage for it . We also have some bird safe paper that we make paper wraps out of. We put seed in the middle of the wrap and twist the ends, and stick these around the cage. They have to break them to get to the food.
  10. Please refer to the original message, I have fresh food aka seeds and pellets, available 24/7 all day. Actually all they eat are seeds right now, they are very stubborn and would definitely starve themselves if I removed the seeds because they rarely touch pellets. We put harrisons bird builder supplement into their water for 2 weeks and we are bout to start making them bird bread with spray millet/ seeds/ and the harrisons pellets to try and get them to switch over to pellets.
  11. I am certain they are at least picking at their droppings, its hard to get a good look at them someitmes before they stop the behavior. It seems as if they chew and swallow it sometimes, but I am never close enough to be certain.
  12. We have two male 4 month old budgies that occasionally will eat their own droppings. We just them for their first check up with an avian vet but did not seem very concerned about this behavior. We feed them regularly at set times throughout the day and have fresh food available in the cage 24/7. Any suggestions as to why they may be doing this, or if there is anyway I can discourage this sort of behavior? This may be an unrelated issue, but at times they will also put their beaks between the bars of the cage and chew/eat the newspaper lining the bottom of the cage.
  13. Yes I actually PM'ed birdluv as thats where the questions in this post originated from. However, she has not replied to my PM. Thank you for the in depth reply and suggestion, I will certainly employ some of the methods you suggested. At the moment they are not *fully* flighted. When we purchased them they were both clipped, one more so than the other. Sammy can only hover a bit, while Scooter can go 4ft up if he wants to. I may consider keeping their wings clipped until they are more bonded with us, but I am afraid having to lure one in my hand, and flip them over to cut their wings will make them lose trust in us.We took the birds to an avian vet several weeks back and actually had the opportunity to have them clip their wings again. We declined, but perhaps that was not the best decision. Had we gone through with it we would have been able to observer the correct way to clip their wings for future use.
  14. We have two 5 month old male budgies. We have had them for a month. They will eat food straight from our hands, and do not fly around wildly or hide in the corner of the cage when we put our hand inside the cage. We take them out pretty frequently and sometimes they will fly to us, but mostly they seem to be more interested in each other. I have read sometimes it is beneficial when you have 2 or more to take them out individually to another room for taming sessions. The problem is neither of them know how to step up yet. They will do it every once and awhile on their own accord, but its somewhat infrequent. When I put out my index finger like a perch I move it up towards them and they will usually just sit there, if I press my finger against their stomach to try and get them to step up they walk away typically in a calm and collected manner, not frenzied or panicked. Should I be trying to teach them to step up at the same time, or just focus on one at a time? Should they master stepping up BEFORE I take them out individually for one on one taming sessions? Thank you in advance
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