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  1. looks really nice!!
  2. I agree with Robyn, using natural branches helps exercise the feet as well as help trim down nails, and as a plus they can chew on it all they like.
  3. cleaning has got to be done no matter what you have to do, depending on how your breeding box is attatched i would just put the babies into a sepreate box or container scoop out the droppings and put new stuff down
  4. Yes! thx for asking i have successfully breed and got 4 clutches 2 with 7 babies 1 with 5 and 1 with 3 and i have also about 8 mounths back my dad buit me a lot bigger avariy
  5. Hi guys how you going just thought i migth update a bit. I have be pretty secssuful with my breeding (3 clutches) 2 lots with 6 babies and 1 with 4 all going well and babies good aswell but there always has to be that 1 that has to cuase all the problems (shes not in avariy) have a qustion i have had a grity sand in the bottom of the aviary but becomes a bit hard to clean so i was thinking i could put suger cane mulch in the bottom as it would be very easy to clean judt rake up and put new stuff down and throw old stuff in garden
  6. That looks amazing, have you got any photos we all love photos here
  7. Hi all I was wondering if there were any breeders around the central coast area if so can you please comment so I can pm you thx

    1. Bubbles



  8. well you may hate me you may not but i am going to coleny breed
  9. yes i have read that but its just on the bad things about coleny breeding
  10. Yes I know a few issues will come up but thats the reason for it being so close the the varanda and thankyou so mush for your help
  11. funkypanda

    New Aviary

    HI, As you may know my wonderful dad built me an excellent avariy about 8 months ago. Well we have not stopped there me and my dad has built me another one which is just spectacular the dimensions are 2m x 3m x 0.8m I have two questions for you guys and before you start sending me things about colony breeding well yes i am going to do it and i would really appreciate if you could could give me loads of tips on coleny breeding And now for my second question I was wondering if you could tell me how many budgies i could fit in there with breeding boxes and also how many i clould fit bush budgie beacuse there smaller would it be different okay now for the photos And thease are the shelfs for the boxes or logs if i get bush budgies and also the top shelf is going to the same hight as the other one
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