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  1. Thanks so much guys. You made me feel so much better. She and my bunnies love their bachelor pad they live that they have no desire to leave. I feel bad for having to keep the door closed. It's funny how I have had her for 5 Years and never wanted anything to do with me. And it took me 3 weeks to tame her. I love her so much and I wish I didn't have a cat that wants to kill her She enjoys showering with me i wish there was. Way I could make her feel safer. She also doesn't care to eat anything buy seeds. How can o get to like other foods? She does share a nibble with the budgies veggi
  2. Hello everyone, I have grown up with budgies for the last ten years. Howevere, I have always had pairs. My budgie who is 5 years old is recently widowed. She seems to be doing fine and I have actually tamed her to sit on my shoulder and eat spray millet out of my hands. She has taken a liking to grooming my eyebrows and playing with my jewlery. My budgie lives in a very large cage that could fit 3 budgies in it and has very many toys that she likes to play with. She also is roomates with two bunnies which she enjoys hanging out with. However, I have 3 cats. One cat has become more o