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  1. I have got a beautiful book on budgies called "Budgerigars" by Cyril H Rogers. Beautiful coloured drawings showing all the different colours. I have had it for years from when I used to breed budgies before Dixie
  2. Thanks for that. I haven't heard of panorama dixie
  3. At my grain store I can buy all the different seeds seperately. If I was to mix my own seed what are the best seeds to buy and at what percentages. Thanks in advance Dixie
  4. In the Bairnsdale (East Gippsland) paper budgie seed is listed at $28 for 20kg. Just called budgie mix Dixie
  5. dixie

    Budgies Wanted

    Thanks everybody. I have managed to get some budgies from a lady in Blackburn South Dixie
  6. Hi everybody I have just joined the Budgeriegar Breeders Club. I have been looking up advertisments for budgies for sale but they have all been sold. I guess I am too late as they are all breeding. Would any-one have young budgies for sale sometime before Xmas. I would like 3 pairs if you can tell their sex otherwise I will have to take pot luck. I would like good quality ones as I believe if you are going to breed it should be the best.. I won't be showing. I live at Orbost in East Gippsland but my daughter lives in East Brighton, Melbourne so she would be able to pick up from any breeders in that area. I used to breed budgies years ago and would like to start again. What is the difference between and English budgie and and an Australian budgie? Regards to all Dixie
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