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  1. Ellie3

    Hello & Help!

    Definitely has not affected his ability to bite!! oww... Yes I will get a picture of the beak soon. It's much better today!
  2. Ellie3

    Hello & Help!

    Thank you, it's stopped bleeding now and I have put them to bed. Hoping it will be all better tomorrow, and I think because it's going to be so hot he can have a bath and hopefully that will get the blood out. :\
  3. Ellie3

    Hello & Help!

    HELP AGAIN!! The tip that was broken didn't fully come off yesterday, however it has fallen off tonight and my bird is bleeding I took it out and had it bite down on a rag to try and stop the bleeding, there was quite a bit, but I don't know what to do... And because it's not tame it's really hard to care for it! :'( im panicking at the moment, i don't want it to die.. The bleeding has slowed down a lot and i've put it back in the cage and covered it and hope it will go to sleep and the blood will stop. I feel sooo bad!
  4. I am not sure how old they are exactly.. I go them from a shop, they told me they were just out of the nest. Though, I think the blue one might be a little bit older. The reason I think the blue one is a boy is because he is a lot more vocal and active, but I really have no idea!
  5. hehe they are cute... until they bite my hands I'm thinking I will name them after a cartoon couple. I'm fairly sure the blue one is a boy but I don't know what the yellow one is yet!?
  6. Ellie3

    Hello & Help!

    Thanks guys. Yes, s/he is eating fine and seems content. I'm just worried because there was a little bit of blood and unsure if it'll stay that length or grow back.. It's only about | | that much off. I haven't tried to clip it, how do you do that?? Because it is only my second day of having them, and they haven't been handraised, they are quite angry when handled and bite a lot. Hoping they get used to me soon, because it hurts!
  7. I hope someone read my post because I need help!

    1. robyn


      where did you post? what section.

    2. robyn


      just found your post ellie, hope the beak is better now.

  8. Hello, my name is Ellie I've just got my very first budgies yesterday. I've never owned any birds before so this is completely new, and of course I already have a problem! One of them has broken the very tip of their beak. It's only the very tip triangle of it, there is blood but not much. It is still preening and doesn't look in any pain at all, but I'm worried! Will it grow back? Do I have to do anything care wise, or will it be okay?? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
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