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About Me

I've had many many many pets in my life, the first one's I had since I was born, the hermit crab, but, they all died because I had a tendency to think that their shells were super strong, so what did I always do? Why of course, I sat one them.... But those ended when I was 3, then we started with the goldfish wub.gif I think they might've been annoyed with me tapping on the tank all the time unsure.gif Then, we got my beloved Tinks, who (thank God) is still with us, still playful. Then, on my tenth birthday, I got a cage and some budgies, the budgies died, because I was of course oblivious to the proper care that they should've been given. Then we got cockatiels and finches (which died). And then, 162 months after it all started, I join the one, the almighty Budgie Breeders Club Inc. which I solemnly pledge that I will post photos up of my budgies (that I'll get xmas holidays) so that fellow members can help me, and advise when an AVIAN vet trip is necessary.

So there, that's my lifes story in the pet world... all of it...

Thanks for reading, because obviously if you're reading this part, you'll have read all of this wink.gif


And now I have Sparta smile.gif

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