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  1. i would say that the Blue (who i may add is a spitting image of my budgie Halo) is defo a male. but im not too sure on the other 1 xx
  2. i have a lutino budgie and i was told it was female but im just not too sure! Its about 6 weeks old and her beak is orange and her cere is like a bluey/pink n slightly flakey.
  3. this is so very sad.......much love xx
  4. i had 2 5 month old male budgies, Halo and Silver. a few weeks ago i noticed that Silver turned very silent, fluffed up and was alittle lathargic. I seperated him from Halo placing him in a smaller cage so that i could keep an eye on him. After a couple of days i deicded to take him to see a vet for a check up. The vet checked him over and said that nothing was wrong with him. I was puzzled. i just had a gut feeling that something was wrong with him as i knew that it was unusual for budgies to go 'silent' for a day or so. I took him bk home and tried to cheer him up by chatting to him and giving him his favourite treat. Lettuce. He ate but just wasnt right. The following day i noticed that he had a 'clogged up' bottom. i took him out of his cage and checked him. i got very worried so i took back to the vet. The vet seemed 'pissed off' as i was bringing him back. He told me that he'd said there was nothing wrong, but i wasnt happy. He cleaned him up and said that he was hormonal. i took him bk home. i was getting very upest so i phoned another vet and asked for some advice. they said that they could book him in for a check up after 2 days at the earliest. it was the weekend. By the monday Silver was worse than ever. I was beside myself. I took him out of his cage and there was just no weight to him at all. He was gasping for air and he had yellow gunge coming out of his cere. He finally died in my hands. I was so distraught and i cried for ages as i loved him so much and he was just a baby. 5 months old. My son cried too and was so angry that the vet didnt save him. I am so angry that this vet couldnt be bothered to properly examine my budgie and let him die a totally unnatural death of pain and suffering!!!!. I am now reporting the vet for total incompitance. He's a bloody disgrace and shouldnt be a vet....
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