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    To breed some beuatiful budgies.

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    Animals,rugby union,budgies and cars.
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  1. What a cutie, you have done a good thing, giving him a chance
  2. I think yous are right a clearflight, i overlooked her at first, just thinking she was a normal but im more convinced now to her being a clearflight =)
  3. The clear patch on the mother means she is split recessive pied, Are there any more pied cocks in the aviary, Archimedes, is a cutie, looks like it could be a hen, not 100 percent sure though
  4. Can i buy it, she is amazing!! No help with the colour sorry
  5. It's simpily cocks have a purlple fleshy cere and the hens will either have a white or brown cere and if your supposed hens cere is all white with a bit of blue she is most likely out of condition, best of luck =D
  6. Hello and welcome, first ask yourself how old the birds you are going to breed are if the hen is over 3 1/2 years dont breed her, and please dont try and breed any birds yet your going to fast try to learn before doing so or you will learn the hard way like me, and end up with to many dead or sick birds, please listen to me as the other members will tell you the same. But you are on the right track in a month or so try but learn before or it will have effects on the birds and probably you, best of luck, Corey
  7. No we dont, which greatly annoys me =D haha
  8. Recessive pied hen in my opinion and you have two lovely birds! =D
  9. Hello guys, i really would like to know if anyone has some breeding cages they could sell me or a website that would, looking for a good price and have looked at lentra direct and its a tad to pricey for my, thanks in advance
  10. Can we show birds that we purchased but were not bred by us?
  11. Grrrrrrr Grrrrrrrr Grrrrrr Wish i had bred something this year worth putting up, later in the year i might but not now :\ What shows are we having, adults? And do we have to pluck their spots?
  12. It is a money problem Flipper it would cost hundreds of dollars and she is a $50 dollar hen and it would probably kill her........ Yes it is probably a tumor as it is quite large, euthanizing her may be the better option.................
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