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  1. Thanks for responding A'Shaar. I would try to do that - with a heavy heart - take out the nest box and throw out the eggs
  2. Thanks for responding, which was quite helpful. If I do let the eggs be incubated and hatch this time (so I can give the birds to freinds), would she repeat the same process a third time again? Would she go on doing it until we take out the nest box and throw out the eggs? I somehow don't have the heart to do this, I would prefer she stops it herself. I have heard some hens die after laying eggs or after babies are hatched. While Laila is in perfect health and very active, I am worried if I would loose her if laying eggs so often would deteriorate her health. I don't want to lose her, so if there is no option other than throwing out the eggs, then I would do it with a heavy heart, just to save Laila. But would one more clutch of eggs be healthwise okay for her?
  3. My female budgie, Laila, laid her first ever egg on 25 May and went on to lay 7 eggs. Two of them were infertile and 5 hatched. The last of the 5 came out of the nest box abour 4 days ago and so we took off the nest box. Today Laila laid an egg in the cage. We attached the nest box back and placed the egg in there, which Laila burried in the wood shavings. We placed it on top again and she burried it again. Is it normal for a budgie to lay eggs so soon? I really do not want to have any more budgies in my house (already there are 7 now), but I could give them away if they do hatch. Laila is a small bird and doesn't fly much - she can only fly downwards, but not upwards. She is a very active budgie and keeps herself occupied with the toys, but I am worried what impact it would have on her health to be having more babies within such a short time. Would she go on repeating this egg laying process all the time? How can this be stopped? Is it okay if we don't attach the nest box, in which case I guess she won't incubate the eggs and they won't hatch? Thanks for your suggestions and advice.
  4. Hello. Greens are just to tempt the birds into the bath, Not needed if birds like to bathe. Personally I would wait until the birds are weaned.. Babies don't need to bathe. Feet may need attention if matted with poo. There is the chance they may get a chill. Yours B.J. Thanks for responding. We live in the Caribbean so the temperature is quite hot. In spite of that, I could use warm water and just fill up about half an inch of water in the bowl. The babies' parents don't take bath in the bowl, we have to give them a shower (in the cage). I don't want the babies to turn out to be like them, so want to teach them early to take a bath in a bowl of water. Once the babies develope full wings, they may not let us teach them to do this, hence wanted to start when they are still obedient. Please send me your suggestions. Thanks.
  5. Our first 2 baby budgies are 23 days old today and the first one came to the nest box hole on its own this morning. We get them out for about half an hour every day since they turned 2 weeks, to play with them, and then put them back in the nest box and the parents take care of them. I want to know when can the baby budgie have its first bath. Is it okay if now, at 23 or 25 days of age, if I put them in a very shallow bowl of water? If this is not the right age, then I would like to know when is the right age. Also, I see on you tube that some people put fresh greens in the bathing water. Is it a must? Does it help in any way? Thanks.
  6. My budgie Laila has laid 7 eggs, the first one on May 25 and then every alternate days. As she must have started sitting on the eggs only after the 2nd egg was laid, two of her eggs hatched today, about 2 hours ago. I have a few questions as this is first time my budgies have breeded. Should I be doing anything to help? Should I throw out the broken shells? Should I clean the cage when babies poop? I want the baby budgies to bond with us. If hand-feeding is the only way to do it, at what age should I start hand feeding the babies? If and when I hand feed the babies, will the parents stop to feed them and will that be totally my responsibility? At what age the babies start eating the seeds? When can I get the babies out of the nest box for a few minutes each day to play/bond (of course not right now as they are so tiny) If these (and more) questions have already been answered, can someone please send me the link. Thanks a lot. Sangee
  7. Hi Thanks for responding, yes my knowledge is very limited in this area. I had never owned any pets before I got the budgies last year. I will look into the posts mentioned by you. My budgies are generally healthy and playful.
  8. Hi, I have 2 budgies, Laila (girl) and Max (boy). When I bought them in March 2011, the pet store owner said the girl was 3 months old and the boy was 6 months old. At the beginning of April 2012 we have attached a nest box to the cage. Laila and Maxie are very close to each other, but they do fight sometimes. Laila doesn't fly much, she can only fly downwards, but not much upwards. I have never chopped their wings. Even after keeping the nest box, they are not breeding. They do explore inside the box sometimes, but that's about it. I have kept the wooden and the mineral block in the cage. I am not a professional breeder, but just want to keep their babies when they do come. Is there anything I should do to make them breed soon or is it normal that they have not yet breeded? Thank you. Sangee
  9. Thank you. Thank you. Pet store staff are notorious for bad information. Please read an article in our FAQ section called Care of Baby Budgies in the Nest. It may help
  10. Hi Daz Thanks for responding. So does it mean that taking the babies out and putting them back in the nest box does not make the parents reject the babies that humans have touched and that they will continue to feed them and take care of them? Regards Sangee
  11. Hi I am new to the forum. I own a female budgie, Laila and a male budgie Max, since March 2011. The person at the animal pet shop had said they were 3 and 5 months respectively at that time. I am considering breeding my budgies early next year. I will buy the nest box and read up all what is required for breeding them and come back here with questions. Pesently I have one questions re their babies. I would like their babies to bond with us, and so would like to take the babies out for a few minutes each day one they are about 2 weeks old. After I put the babies back in the cage, will the parents continue to take care of them and feed them? I am asking because the peson at the pet store said once we touch the babies or get them out, the parents reject them and will not take care of them any more and that we will need to hand feed the babies from that point onwards. Is that right? I don't think so, because I have read and seen videos where people take out even the new born (24 hours old) babies to clean out the nest box and put the babies back in and continue cleaning the nest box as and when required. Laila and Max are hand tamed and very obedient, but haven't bonded much with us. Laila can only fly straight or down, so she is more tamed. We didn't clip either of their wings. You response will be highly appreciated. Regards Sangee
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