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  1. Budgie was euthanized yesterday. We took her the vet after we noticed there was a lump growing where her beak had broken.
  2. One of my older girls has had her beak fall/break off. 5-6 weeks ago she had bleeding the top of her beak so I took her to the vet, they cleaned her up and said she'd broken her beak. They glued it back together and said she would be fine and to just keep her away from the others, so she in our Nursery cage. We noticed this morning her beak is gone, the broken bit was on the bottom of the cage. Haven’t been able to take a photo yet, but the tounge is visible and it looks like the top beak is completely gone. Will it grow back? or do we need to euthanize her?
  3. Update: after losing about 90% of her feathers they have grown back She's still having issues flying but otherwise she's looking good
  4. Peroxide and a stint in the sun can get stains out of white plastic.
  5. Hi, we finally got to the vet today, the vet thinks she may have Beak & Feather disease, but the test is $260 and the vet said there would be nothing they could do for her, She said apart from the lost of feathers she is in really good health for her age, she has a small tumor under her tail bit that that isn't causing any issues. Vet said to pop her back in the aviary and see how she goes they didn't think there would be any issues..
  6. Hi All Just wonder if you can tell me what sex our babies are? Thanks
  7. Thanks, I'll give catching her a try as soon as we can and take her off to the vet, I don't think the featherloss is from being picked on, She actually got a pair of "protectors" who look after her. One of them even feeds her from time to time.
  8. Hi All, Wondering if I can get your opinons on my Old girl we've had her for 6 years and she wasn't a baby when we got her, she started looking a little tired the last few weeks, and I've been busy with work and the new batch of Chicks that Ive not kept as close an eye on her as I normally would. This is a photo I've just taken, she going bald (for lack of a better word) she's got a few patchs of feathers missing all over her body; and her beak has started to grow longer. She's still happy flying around the Aviary, she's actually a bit hard to catch, so I don't want to tramitiser her and catch her unless I have too. She's still eating and drinking and hubbie says she still first to the bottom of the aviry for lettuce/greens. What do you think? do I need to catch her and take her to the vet? I don't really want to have to move her to the Small Cage unless its 100% nesseary. Thanks
  9. We have another chick only a few days old, we're waiting to see if any of the other 5 eggs hatch Chick looks good so Mum's doing a good job so far
  10. Moe's going in the Aviary with everyone else, Mum is in the nesting box with 5 eggs now, she's been in there for the last 2 weeks, Dad's doing a great job of looking after both Mum and Moe
  11. He's Blue, here are some photo's of him today, he's a cute little guy, Hubbie has named him Moe
  12. Hi All He's doing really well, the cut is fully healed, We Checked Mum & Dad over when we moved them and Mum had broken egg stuck on her that had sharp edges so I think that was the cause of the cut. Here is a couple of photo's of our little guy, Not sure what colour he's (She's?) going to be, Mum is Black/Grey & White Pied & Dad's just a normal Blue.
  13. Good News we moved them again this morning Patch (hen) was back in the bowl with the baby within 10 minutes All three seem happy now One small issue is the chick has a cut on his head, it happened during the day yesterday, he was fine when i checked him in the morning but went i got home and checked him it was there, it looks like it is healing okay, do i need to put anything on it???
  14. Yeah the egg was dead, when we added the cardboard to the bottom of the bowl this morning I checked the egg, it was cracked open and hard on the inside. She's been okay with the cardboard in the bottom and the little guy is going good, his eyes are starting to open, We'll move them again on Saturday morning and see how they go I think we left it too late in the day when we moved them the first time. The other her is just curious I think she's never see a Chick, besides when she was one. She's my oldest girl had her for maybe 5 years now.
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