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  1. Hrm so the concensus is im naughty. oops. I only have the 2 budgies, not an aviary and if i had more or hadve got them from a petshop i wouldve been more wary and careful. I figured a small risk but not massive, so fingers crossed eh?!
  2. My baby budgie Bertie is missing his back left claw. I didnt notice it when i bought him til the next morning. Im guessing he was born without it cuz its "healed up" well so doesnt look like anything happened to it anytime recently. His lil toes and claws seem to turn to the side more than my other budgie too. His nails are a lil bit longer than hers, so Im wondering if trimming his nails will help or whether its possibly just foot probs that he was born with? Has anyone seen anything like this before? He was having trouble at first climbing in the cage,as he cant grab around 2 bars with that foot and grabs around the one bar and that foot slides down. So I changed the perches (which i wouldve anyway, i just got onto it quicker lol) to a branch diagonal for him to climb up it to the higher horizontal one, and he gets up there no problem. I only have him in a small cage I bought as the petshop was about to close when I got there and figured i could just get a larger one later and handy to have a small cage around spare. I would like to get them a bigger cage. Im wondering whether one of those larger parrot type (but with narrower bars for budgies) large patio/inside cages will be too tall for him since he has his wing clipped and cant climb the bars or whether he'd b okay if i just put branches for him to climb or whether i'd be better off getting a med sort of cage like a 60wx40dx40h cage where he has a bit of room and can get up "high" easier. Does anyone have any suggestions? Id greatly appreciate it.
  3. Yeah not really a necessity, but it does kinda look nicer than the newspaper, thought i'd just give it a whirl for interest sake and cant say i mind it actually but not 100% sold i'll see how i go. i no doubt will probably just go back to newspaper at some point.
  4. I have always used the grate with newspaper in the slideout tray. I recently had someone suggest to me to put shellgrit on the bottom without the grate. (Pet shop sells bulk 4kg shellgrit so not too bad an expense factor). He said it would save the seed the babies flick out and help sharpen his toenails. I thought i'd give it a go and did this 2 days ago. What do u guys think of this??
  5. Yep I think getting another budgie is a great idea. Im sure he would love the friend especially if he isnt tame & doesnt come out the cage. I would personally go a tame/baby to tame that you can get out. Theres no harm in just getting one out. My first budgie I used to get out alot and my brothers he hardly ever got out and they were both happy together and mine was very tame and happy to come out. Love the name Stewie by the way!
  6. Would anyone mind giving me an opinion on quarantining a new budgie. I bought a budgie 2wks ago from a local breeder, and decided to get another. They were from different parents in an avery but when they left the nest they were kept in the same cage. The one i bought today wasnt out the nest 2weeks ago so they werent in the same cage, but have been in the cage with some of the first ones that were still left. I have just put the 2nd budgie in with the first since they came from same aviary and were in same little cage with mostly the same birds. Do you think this is that bad or should I have really kept them separate for a bit??
  7. My first budgie i had as a teenager was housed with my brother's budgie. I had a boy & my brother had a girl. They were both untame babies/young when we got them and even tho i also had budgies by themself later, he was still my tamest budgie Ive ever had by far. I forgot to recut his wing once and he flew away. My sister teased me with the stupid saying "if you love something set it free & if it comes back to you it is yours, if it doesnt it never was"... we lived on acreage & it had large birds chasing it from gumtree to gumtree & it rained that night... yet the next day he flew back to our pergola and I got him back. He was a very very tame budgie despite having another budgie friend. So I personally think alot of it comes down to the personality of the individual bird.
  8. Liz18


    Hi, my name is Liz as you may have guessed. I used to own budgies when i was younger but havent had any for 8yrs or so. I have recently just got a lil baby boy. He is the most beautiful yellow and super tame for an unhandled bird. Im in love!! I cant believe i havent had a budgie for so long lol. I decided to get a 2nd bird (for company for him & cuz im so budgie clucky lol) and just got her today. She is a green, but not the native green type, a more aqua green with different sort of black on her wings. I bred my pet budgies a few times when I was younger, so wouldnt mind maybe breeding again, altho hubby thinks i should wait since we're having another (human) baby. Will be great to meet other budgie lovers!
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