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  1. Birthday tomorrow,a dn getting mero BUDGEIS waa hooo

    1. Pride


      happy birthday

  2. BBCI

    Me Pairs

    Your Lucky, i am new to breeding, and bred a pair, but no eggs were fertile? Since i like breeding, i am going to buy, another 6 pairs, and breed maybe, at the end of 2011, or ealy 2012.
  3. yea thanks, and also, the hen is going in and out of the nest box alot, with no eggs, in the box, could she be laying more eggs,and she is chucking out some nesting material, good signs???
  4. okay thanks, and also, my dad is a a manager of a furniture making company, and i asked him, if he could make this , and he said yes YAY. picture:)http://s1134.photobucket.com/albums/m606/doeydo/?action=view&current=lolzzzzz.jpg pretty nice he said:)
  5. Thank you, and eya, i put a cuttlefish bone, and calcium block, everytime the hen eats it, the male follows and eats it too, so cute:), ALL OF THE OLD EGGS WERE INFERTILE BUT 1 WAS FERTILE< BUT CRAKED , hope they breed again, so yea, they will lay eggs again, just to make sure, please reply:) When will the eggs be laid????
  6. Hey guys, i am down to 1 egg, that is fertile, but CRACKED< I AM ANGREY!!!!!. Will my budgeis rbeed again, if i leave the next box in there, and there are no eggs?????
  7. For some reson, i know seee brown stuff around its nostril
  8. Yea i know, i said is is white, i am new to breeding so yea. It is white alot around but if you see it from my vision you will say it is female, trust vets and everyone that i know that says it is a female Hi guys I bred another pair, that laid 5 eggs, 2 cracked, and 3 left, the last egg should be hatched on the 10-8-11 so maybe this week they hatch XD peace
  9. i still say female, because it is abit wite around her nostrils, and is playing and all that with the other male, i am sure i am not wrong and why isn't kaz replying here?? The link dosen't show bright pink, really bright, because if you were here, you would see it is fully pink, and white around the edges
  10. To me, this is a female, and i am going to breed them when they are 1and a half years old.
  11. i hope it is a female,, because these 2 love eachother, the young male chases her around
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