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  1. Sorry yes 4 chicks about 3 weeks old arm all going good
  2. You can try separating the females and the males for a few days often gets them in the mood breeding temps vairy I think about 15 would be the limit as it can be noticeably warmer in the nesting box also you can expect eggs 9 days after mating
  3. Wow it's been a long time I have one pair with 4 eggs currently will need help with colours photos to come
  4. where did you get your birds from mate im in buxton
  5. hi all i am looking for a female or a breeding pair hoping to breed in spring have had a few die and need to get some more pairs going thanks ps in the buxton area dont want to travel to far
  6. hi if you can get a photo it would be eser for us to teel you or give you our thoughts
  7. Oh dear. I guess you better keep working on the aviary. Haha lol
  8. hi all havent been on in ages and i was wondering what are the correct breeding temps as in min and max thanks
  9. matt this is how you get banned from thi fourm
  10. Hi all sadly my male has died I found him this morning lying on the floor as if he had died in his sleep and fallen off the perch
  11. If your drain is a good size100mm or so there would be no cloging you could have like a plug and tale it out when you hose it out and refit it when done so you would have an open pipe there fore no clogging
  12. mostly yellow i think male is dom pied green yellow and female is yellow with a green spot above her tale
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