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  1. Hi I've often noted this behaviour in my aviaries. It's a stance that means "BACK OFF" but in a pet situation it can be used to get attention, ie. he probably did it at first in its natural context but then he got an unexpected reward. in much the same way that a dog will growl angrily on command to get a reward. B. J. Hi, Yes, he's very tame. I think you're right, he probably wants to play or something So in the wild they can use this to tell other birds to go away. Do they have friendly mannerisms too?
  2. Hello, I have some good close-up photos of my budgie Aristo which I thought I'd share. Looking all imperious: Nice close-up of his face: He began kissing the camera haha. Hope you like them.
  3. Chewing at the newspaper is normal. Are you sure they are not just rummaging and pecking around the bottom of their cage? Rather than actually eating their droppings?
  4. My bird used to spend a lot of time on the bottom of his cage when he was young too. He eventually began eating properly from his upper feeder- just make sure if you take away the seeds from the bottom that you watch and check he's eating enough.
  5. Hi I have noticed that every time a family member approaches my budgie's cage, or even walks past, he pulls back his wings when he sees them, like he's stretching. Every time! Is this some kind of budgie greeting? Do they do that to each other in the wild?
  6. You should have seeds available at all times, and fruits and vegetables as frequent supplements.
  7. Buzz

    Bottle Tops

    Hi Is it safe to make toys out of bottle tops (from wine bottles) for my budgie?
  8. What about a favourite toy? My budgie loves anything shiny. Also his favourite squeaky cat toy. He comes running when he sees it.
  9. Hello Zerrin, My budgie had a similar problem. He was constantly chewing and kept tipping his head back as if he was having difficulty swallowing. He also became quiet and slept more frequently. He didn't talk or chirp as much. When we took our bird to the vet, she was alarmed to find his weight had dropped to 42g (from 48g about 2 weeks before when he had a general check-up), and said he felt thin. It turned out he had a sore, swollen mouth, some sort of fungal or bacterial infection. This was preventing him from eating properly, resulting in weight-loss. You could see this swelling both above and below his tongue when you opened his beak. We still do not know what had caused it. He had to stay overnight so they could tube feed him and start him on medication. After a series of anti-fungal and antibiotic drops, he seems to have recovered, although we are carefully monitoring his eating. Have you noticed that Pavarotti is having trouble eating or swallowing? Our bird was unable to properly eat his seeds or his usual favourite celery, but he was very happy when we provided him with millet, which he ate very quickly. According to the vet, being able to eat one thing (eg millet, which is small and easy for them to eat) but not others (his normal seed) is a sign of something wrong with the mouth. It was causing him pain to handle the bigger seeds (and he usually loves his seeds!). Keep a close eye on Pavarotti, and make sure he's getting enough food in. Check that he isn't getting too thin or losing weight rapidly. If you are worried it is getting worse, or he doesn't seem to be eating well, another visit to the avian vet would probably be a good idea. Budgies can go downhill very quickly, but when put on the right medication will recover pretty fast. Hope this helps
  10. Thanks very much!! He's very cheeky too LOL
  11. Hello everyone. I was wondering how you would describe the colour of my budgie Aristo? I know very little about genetics and mutations and would appreciate any help He had quite a bit of blue as a baby. Now there is just a little under his tail. Thank you
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