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  1. Wanting to purchase both New and Used show cages. Terry
  2. Hi Corzstunt, I have recently started back into the hobby and now live in Coffs Harbour and have search for nearest clubs and other budgie breeders but at this stage for me the nearest branch is the mid north coast at Taree too far to travel so i am hoping to track down some closer clubs or breeders also but i havent heard of anyone your way either at this stage which is sad that you have to look further south or towards brisbane. If you find out any info close by let me know and i will do the same . Terry
  3. Thanks Wayno very much appreciated for the feed back, thought with all the birds he has had in auctions this year the quality might be a bit off but then again for the prices they went for it was certainly a cheap way to get into his lines which i am a big fan of and i have purchased some very nice birds of his this this year from other auctions. Terry
  4. Can anyone give me any feed back on the henry george birds at the auction today and prices Terry
  5. Total i have for the first 98 birds $146,000 and i had missed one so aprox average $1500 per bird for the 97 lots i was there for. So it will be interesting grand total as i could heard while collecting mine the end birds was going for good prices about $1500 plus some very nice birds there. Terry
  6. [ Top price for lot 47 $6000 and several others $4000 to $5500 first cab off the rank lot 1 $1100 and then they start going up and staying up have the prices for first 100 so will work a average soon ]
  7. Thanks JeffL for your thoughts on Lot 102 again can't wait to see for myself when the birds arrive this week Terry
  8. Re H G Auction Just like to say thank you to James Smith who was doing the phone bidding for me on Saturday, I fully appreciated his updates between lots I was bidding on and for his advise . This is the first time I have purchase via phone bidding on stock unseen and fully relying on my reseach on blood lines and the honesty from the person on the other end of the phone. Many will ask why pay 1000 for a 2007 cock , for me it was the case of having a cracking grand daughter to Lot 54 so I beleive it was worth the gamble. As for having only Henry Georges birds in my avairy it was a case of chasing certain birds that matched certain lines which will help continue building quality in my avairy so I have come away from the auction with 4 cocks and 3 hens with prices ranging from 250 and top being 1700 and very happy. I dont show at this stage, for me its a Hobby. I have 30 of Henrys quality birds and just enjoy trying different pairings to improve the quality of what I have and whether its frustating at times or not its still a relaxing hobby for me and may be down the track I will look at the show scene. I would also like to thank Bruce Wilson for the frIendly and helpful manner shown by him during our phone conversations and who is looking after my birds until they are placed on a flight this week which will be very exciting for me as everyone who I have spoken to from the auction who have already had the benefit of seeing the birds have praised them so I cant wait to see them for myself. So to the Dandenong Club congratulations on a very professional team and a very smooth run Auction . Terry
  9. Thanks for info on top prices paid at the auction , do you know what henry geroge birds went for
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