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  1. My friend took Nemo to the vet and she said she thinks it's wing was bitten off when it was a day or 2 old. I disagree. Firstly, surely it would have bled to death if that was the case. Second, that would explain why it's missing the lower wing joints, but it doesn't explain why his shoulder is missing too. I'm sticking with a deformity, especially when you look at this picture... what do you guys think? Kaz any ideas?
  2. Thanks I was going to keep him for myself, but my friend was after another budgie so this worked out well, and I'll get to see him grow up We are planning a disabled birdy set up. It can't fly at all, even when jumping from the ground, one flap causes him to just spin and land on his side/upside down.
  3. I went down to the nest to have a good look at the babies and this is what I found... The third baby in the nest was missing most of its right wing. There was no evidence of trauma, so it's just a birth deformity... So not sure what has happened, all other babies these parents have had have been fine. She/he's (I'm finding it hard to tell with this one) is going to a good friend's house and will be well looked after. I just thought it was worth showing everyone as it's quite interesting.
  4. Thanks Kaz, I am now regretting selling my crested baby last year! He was a stunner, looked like he had a hat on!
  5. I'm in Brisbane and I am after some crested budgies (preferably male) for no more than $30-40. I have one female whose crest is small (a few tufted head feathers) but she has given me one awesome male crested budgie. So anything will do! Thanks
  6. She is definitely a she My friend went away for a week and I got to look after her, such a beautiful girl she is
  7. I am sad now, as Pearl passed away last week. RIP little buddy
  8. Just thought I'd mention that Kami turned out to be a girl. Also... Pearl has developed his random yellow feather again. I suppose it make sense with his mother being a yellowface but in a bird with so much blue genes it's pretty awesome.
  9. Now budgie is about 4 months old I can tell for sure... turns out, he is a she afterall!!! Thankfully a playful and not bitey she
  10. Just a quickie - I have some ivermectin that is 8g/L that is used for guinea pig worming - is this a suitable concentration to use on birds?
  11. Hehe, no worries. I've been doing this for nearly 10 years and I still get stuck!!!
  12. Thanks Kaz! Yeah it was a combination of things that were making me wonder (nostril size too) but overall it _is_ purple. I don't know why I've had trouble telling lately, normally I get it right from 1-2 weeks old.
  13. Parents are just as far as I can tell (not sure of their parent's genetics as these are birds I have bought; Dad: skyblue yellowface type 1 (the wings appear normal, though have a sheen that makes me think possibly split opaline...) Mum: dominant skyblue pied (crested). The colour I am seeing for the most part is purple, but its cere was a bit bulgy when it was a baby and in some light, I think there is quite a lot of white around the nostrils. These are the only other pics I have at the moment...
  14. See that's why I'm confused, as a featherless chick I thought girl...
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