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  1. okay, feel free to tell me if I am completely off base... But I read somewhere that birds/budgies will see being "Higher" puts them above the other birds/people and that you shouldn't have your birds perch above your head. That their eye level should always be equal or lesser than yours. Have you guys heard of anything like that before? Is it something we should watch out for? The reason I ask, is that little Amadeus has found a lovely spot to sit up on our light fitting, he absolutely loves it up there and will sit up there chattering away. Fall asleep up there and generally when out of the cage, that is where he ends up. He does play around with us a lot, but always gravitates back up there. I've been kind of using it as a training when hubby isn't home - Telling him "No" when he goes up there, "Step up" on my finger, popping him back down with me. Then if he goes up there three times I pop him back in his cage. Hubby though keeps saying let him do what he wants to do, he's happy so let it be... so now when it's just me he gets down, but when hubby is home he pretty much jumps on a head then flies up to the light fitting and chirps at us or falls asleep. So.... vote? Is there anything bad about him staying up there? or is it okay?
  2. Awwwwwe I love the baby picture, he's gorgeous
  3. hehe - you weren't kidding when you said fluffed up a bit, he's like a little fluff ball I have no clue on the different types so I'll leave that to everyone else, but I think they look pretty, especially "Fluffy" haha
  4. Haha that's awesome! Nothing like the "hurry up, my food should have been here 10 minutes ago"
  5. I think they look gorgeous, really love those blue ones! Especially the "Sky Blue" ones, really pretty
  6. Vicky

    Bird Perch

    Will do ! Thank you for the tips Now it better not pour with rain this weekend haha
  7. Nice! You will have to post pics
  8. Vicky

    Bird Perch

    Un-treated Eucalyptus AND Hibiscus for all Actually... call me a geek... but I'm kinda excited now... bring on the weekend!!!
  9. Vicky

    Bird Perch

    Okay, sorry I'm such a pain, I'm terrified of picking something up that has been treated or for me not to clean it properly... I tend to have terrible luck so would probably pick the one bad one and feel guilty for forever So, I kept researching it last night and ended up on the National Parks website and clicking the "Report Bad People" link thinking they would know what I could get away with and what may or may not be sprayed... They possibly think I'm a nut case, but regardless she was great and emailed me back early this morning. Thought I would share it with you as the last sentence I thought was AWESOME! You can also legally remove branches from State Forest and be confident they will not have been sprayed. While the council parkland one is nice, she said "Most" and knowing my amazingly terrible luck, I would pick the one that is sprayed and have one sick lil Amadeus! On top of that I live in metro Sydney where people do nasty things to... well... pretty much everything... so who wants to come visit the state forest on the weekend Eucalyptus for ALL
  10. But it's so cold! Winter sucks! I know he probably is fine, but he is just a baby and I'd like him to be more than just fine... and I think he likes it as he tends to prefer the perch on the side the heat mat is on so maybe it is a little nicer... I like to think so anyway
  11. Vicky

    Bird Perch

    okay cool, thank you for those suggestions I'll see how I go Also - Those perches on the website look good! I will see if I can find some branches and clean them like above first, if that fails miserably I'll give the bought ones a go haha Thanks
  12. He's indoor at the moment, can't wait till I can build a big aviary and have lots of little buddies for him, but until I own my own place he's just indoors. He did however come from an outdoor aviary but is still just a baby so I'm hoping the shock wasn't TOO much + we let him out to fly around most the day which he LOVES. As for the draft, no. Cage is out of drafts and we have a blanket over the back of his cage throughout the day + put it over to cover about 3/4 of the cage at night so he can still see out and doesn't get scared And I guess I'm the only one who thinks of budgies snuggling But I will stay strong, and insist he is warm and snuggled! Except when I do get my outdoor aviary he might prefer the warmth
  13. Oooooh he's purty! congrats
  14. Vicky

    Bird Perch

    My friend just moved in there about a month ago I'll give it a go though and do the vinegar trick. Will just need to dry over several days in the sun Thanks
  15. Vicky

    Hello All

    Hello Art! He's a cutie! Have you named him yet?
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