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  1. well he/she seems to be settling in well we have taken the nesting box off curiosity what problems would leaving it there have caused???
  2. okay so now that i have taken out the millet it seems to have gone off of it ???? is there anything else i can use???
  3. its shredded paper that he/she has chucked out of nesting box didnt know that about sandpaper will keep a close eye on feet thanks we arent fussed about the sex of the budgie but nice to have some idea i guess we will just have to wait to find out when its a bit older x
  4. its called george or georgie unisex xxx
  5. i want to start training little george he is approaching the stage of finger tame and wanted to know what i can use as treats for him he loves millet and has it in his cage and am wondering whther there is anything else i can try before taking this out to use as treats for when he does something good??? anyone got any ideas my mum said can they have like raspberrys or fruits of like kind????
  6. hi all thanks we are in between the stages of him allowing us to ut hand in the cage and to be finger tame at them moment we have only had him for less than a week too we are hoping him but still as u all say are unsure of the sex the cere is whitish yes what does this mean???? cutie
  7. whats a pied im fairly new to this and yes i have a picture of his wings
  8. Hi all this is our new addition its the only budgie we have but love it to bits and have defo got budgie fever and want loads check out the unique markings one blue cheek :) :0 and one white :0 :0 not sure of the sex yet anyone got any ideas?????
  9. george is making lots if mess with his seed hehehehe

  10. thought i had posted a reply last week :s dont know what happened to it basically we took sid to the vets shortly after i posted the picture and the vet said that there was no infection or signs that it was due to difficulty breathing but was infact a problem witht he poor little mites heart she sadly died despite being treated for infection just incase a friend of ours had recently caged some budgies ready to leave thier mothe and kindly gave thomas on eof those so he now has a budgie called curious george or georgie as only 6 weeks old and unsure of sex yet thankyou for your help guys shame about the ending xxx
  11. thanks for all info i have tried some iodine but to no avail my boyrfriend is now worried bird cannot balance properly it seems to spend more time on the floor than on the perches
  12. worried about my budgie :(

    1. **KAZ**


      check back in your topic for replies


  13. HELP!!! we bought my brother in law (disabled) a budgie for his birthday from a friend of ours who hatched him from avairy and caged hima s soon as ready.... he is now over a year old and is squeaking all the time (sounding like a guinea pig to be honest) his (we think) cere has also turned brown around the outer edges making us think he was actually a she but a bit confused as it is still blue around to nostrils he has been squeaking day and night with little rest droppings appear fine and as far as we know he/she has been eating and drinking fine?? Help needed sooo confused dont want to loose him/her
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