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  1. Okay, thank you Kaz. I put her in a hospital cage yesterday. I don't think she has eaten anything though. I will see how she goes, if she gets any worse I will try and persuade my parents to take her to the vet.
  2. Hi, I'm really worried about my hen. They were all fine this morning but when I checked on them just before one of my hens were acting really strange. She was really skinny and her wings were twitching. I think I also saw her vomiting. She has some marks under her beak, could this mean she was vomiting before as well? She is in the aviary with 6 other birds. They all seem healthy. I'm not sure if I should remove her from the aviary because I think she might get even more stressed as she is not tame and it's quite hard to catch her. I saw her eating after she vomited and I think now she is begging for food from her mate? More information is that our friends have come to stay and they brought their dog, could their dog have scared her? Sorry for all of that but I just hope she isn't sick. Thanks. Also, she keeps closing her eyes. I'm not sure if that will help.
  3. Thank you for replying. No, I haven't got any aircoolers, they are just in my cubby house (which probably will make it even hotter for them). I don't think I'll risk it, being it my first breeding season as well. That will just have to wait until it gets cooler. Thanks again.
  4. Hi, well I was wondering if its okay to breed in summer. I saw my budgies mating and thought I could maybe put them into the breeding cabinets soon. I will be going to high school next year so I won't have much time for the budgeis and my mum's enthusiastic for me to do it this year during the holidays. But then reading some of the posts about breeding in summer I thought it might not be such a good idea. I live in Brisbane as well, and I know it gets very hot. Does anyone else breed in Summer? And also is there anything else you could do to help, drilling holes and putting wire in? Thanks. Whoops, I mean drilling holes in the nest box and attaching wire.
  5. nim


    Thanks again. Haha yeah, most of the vitamins I haven't even heard of! Would you think if I gave this to my birds (if I find some) that I would have to give the other medications to them as well like Calcivet and Breeding Aid? I would still get them just in case but I don't want to over-dose on vitamins! I heard it can happen, maybe not during breeding..... Anyway thanks for that. I'll look out for it!
  6. Just found The Challenge by Gerald Binks on Amazon. It cost $400!!! And that's not even new!

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    2. Maddy


      my salary is about $100 a week budgerigarsherewecome....so that is a very bad deal

    3. budgerigarsherewecome


      without being to rude, could l ask where you work :S ?

    4. **KAZ**


      budgerigarsherewecome ........noone wants to work 4-5 days for a book, especially when another will come out to supersede that one like he did before. Most people would have better things to spend $400 on, including rent and food

  7. nim


    Thanks so much Taylor. I live in Brisbane. Oh and also, I hope you get better.
  8. nim


    Thanks for replying Taylor. Well it wouldn't do any harm knowing the name. I guess I could look around for it! Thanks.
  9. Huh, last year I went to the Ekka. At the Bird Pavillion their was a man selling 2 budgies and a cockatiel in two seperate cages AND it was a raffle. Weird.... I remember that because I really wanted to win the cockatiel.... Anyway, guess that is going a bit off topic.
  10. nim


    Hi, I was just wondering what vitamins and such do you give your birds while they are breeding? Or before breeding starts? I have Breeding Aid, but I am also trying to get Calcivet and Triple C. Would there be any more things I need to get? (Apart from calcium bells) Thanks.
  11. So is weighing the chicks important?
  12. nim

    Good Aviary?

    Well here's a photo of it. I did take another photo but photobucket is not resizing it properly.
  13. nim

    Good Aviary?

    Whoops, the ad has been removed. Tomorrow I'll take a photo of it. Basically it's an aviary on stilts, a suspended aviary. I know it's 2 metres long or wide, I'm not sure!
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