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  1. Bfan

    Dear Angel

    Well the absolute worst has happened. Our beautiful Buddy boy passed away about an hour ago in my hands. He had been quite listless since Angel died and after being together for nearly six years I guess he couldnt cope without her. We bought a new baby today - a blue pied - yet to be named and introduced him to Buddy earlier today. They seemed to like one another and were quite happy to sit together. I cannot believe how quickly Buddy went downhill but I knew he wasnt right because his feet were cold. My daughter is distraught and wont even go near the new bird ....not sure what to do now...whether we should get another bird as I believe budgies are not good on their own and need at least one other bird for interaction. This just sux. We had decided to bury Angel in a large potted plant so that if we move we can take her with us.....we have now put Buddy with her.
  2. Bfan

    Dear Angel

    One of our dear Budgies passed away a few days ago. We had Angel for 8 yrs and she developed a perch cyst about 12 months ago which we were told nothing could be done about. The cyst became worse over the last few months and grew quite large splitting with half on her chest and half on her rear. It was horrible to watch her struggle to perch and function and I decided to take her to have her put out of her suffering this weekend. She must have known the plan as she passed away on Tuesday morning here at home with her best mate Buddy. I am now very worried about Buddy as he has always had Angel with him. Should we get another budgie and if so how do we introduce it without Buddy becoming overly agressive toward it? Should we get another female or a male. I dont want Buddy to be alone as he may start to fret and pass away too. This would be tragic and both myself and my daughter would be devastated. Any advice would be welcome Thanks
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