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  1. Thanks, everyone! I have been trying to lift the millet away from the perch, it works a little, and my new budgie lets me pet her, so thats good, right? I will try everything except seperate them because when I do that, they both go crazy!!! Thanks again! Any tips are welcome!
  2. S-Stormy d-died...I bought a new budgie just like her. I named her Stormy Jr. (Sky needed a playmate. He wouldn't move.)

  3. Tired...throwin B-day party for my friend...GOT UP AT 6 2 FINISH SCHOOL!!!! *tiredness*

  4. I have been trying to tame my two budgies for a while now, but...I need SERIOUS help. They are older then 4 months I think...(the male has a little dark grey around his eye...the girl has almost a purple eye so she has a lighter purple-ish color around her eye. They have tags, but they won't let me read them...I have tried holding a treat in my hand so they come closer, but they just ignore me or reach their neck out to eat it. They don't perch on me at all. When I first got them, they couldn't fly (flight feathers clipped) so I used to pick them up. Now that they can fly, they won't let me. Every time I put my hand in the cage, they go to the other side. One time they climbed on the roof of the cage! Please help me!
  5. Are you sure the one eye is black? When they move their eyes, you might see grey. That means they are no longer babies. It means they are past 4 months of age. If it has all black, it is less then 4 months old. I hope this helps.
  6. I am very new at having budgies. Any ideas on how to help me get them fingure tame? I want to hold them SO bad!!!

    1. Harry


      There are many topics about finger taming and taming in general under 'Budgie bonding and taming'


      Try reading those first :)

    2. **KAZ**


      post your topic on the actual forum not in status updates

    3. StormySky


      I was tryin to do that...er...it won't let me. I'll try again.

  7. Thinking about breeding Stormy and Sky, my budgies.

    1. Maddy


      Theres plenty of topics that can help you with that here. A very important factor is they must be at least 12 months old :)

    2. StormySky


      Thank you!

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