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  1. Looking for english(show/stock) budgies, the closer to Gympie the better. I'm also interested in large pet/bush budgies. All colours. pm for contact.
  2. The club I'm in lets members borrow show cages if they are just starting out. Thanks for the tip, I'll be sure to get the right ones when I invest in some
  3. Thanks Taboo and Splat! I am very happy and so keen to learn more more more about show budgies. I have heard some really great info of some really great people at the show today and I'm anxious to put it all into practice, patience is a virtue!
  4. I am so excited right now! I just got back from seeing my grey/green spangle hen at the show and look!!
  5. Thanks everyone I really hope these guys will be my ticket into the world of show budgies!
  6. Thanks so much GB, very very helpful. I am going to read up on these colours and see what I find out. I'm happy that ones a violet! I just thought she was some kind of blue!
  7. Good to hear! He is really impressive to look at. When I was dropping the grey green hen at a show today(hoping for some tips from the breeders and judges) and looked at the other bird in my untrained eyes it seemed as if Neo would have held up to the competition. Thanks for the input! Would anyone be able to spell the new birds colours out to me? and possibly what I could expect as far as future chicks go?
  8. Here is my little collection of budgies so far let me know what you think of them & help with colours would be great. Oh and the blue hens cere seems strange to me, does anyone else think so? The cinnamon is Uni, with one foot. Blue Hen (Skye) Blue Cock (Neo) Grey Green Spangle Hen & Cock (Razzle & Dazzle) Green Hen & Cock ( Uni & Grim ) A few more of Skye and Neo..
  9. Thank you both for the advice. Maesie, thanks! I hope she does too. Uni(decided to call her that for obvious reasons ) and her mate have been put in my little aviary(no other birds) and Ive tried to set it up as comfortably as possible for her. I'll see how she goes and if she seems to be coping fine I may end up trying to breed her sometime down the track but for now she is fine.
  10. You read the title right.. I was shocked out of my mind when I brought my four new birds home tonight to discover the best bird is missing a foot!, I was in tears a bit because I felt so bad that she had suffered with this! anyway it is healed and is not recent and she seems to cope fine. Obviously we rang the previous owner(well my Dad did as I was still pretty shocked) and they were genuinely surprised and offered a refund or the two female quails we were going to buy for free. I have decided to keep her regardless of her foot or lack of, issue. I just want her to be as happy and co
  11. Thanks Kaz, I expected as much. I thought it would be worth a go anyway, Im not hopeful though..
  12. I'm buying two new pairs and budgies and one apparently has eggs.. how exactly would I go about bringing them home eg. best ways to transport and settle them in? Also I'm wondering if there are any chances of the fertile eggs(if any) surviving the move? Gem
  13. Ah, that is a shame. A lovely offer if only I was closer..
  14. Im in a cage bird club, I live in a small town we don't have a budgie club. There are a couple of pet budgie breeders in the club.
  15. English Budgies/Show Budgies, whatever floats your boat Thanks
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