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  1. Clint

    Hi Daz

    I made contact a couple of months ago and tried to SMS you but you were away on a motorbike trip. I am in Everton Park and just getting back into budgies. Currently building a shed and looking for a good sparkie if you know anyone who wants to make a bit of extra cash ;)

  2. Clint

    New to Forum

    Thanks Kaz If you could give me Daz's details that would be great.
  3. Clint

    New to Forum

    Hi Kaz No I havent yet. I have been living in the UK for the past 13 years and just returned to Brisbane. Having been out of the hobby since the early 80's I feel that I have forgotten most of what I learned then and need to start again as a novice. I have read a lot of Daz's postings - he seems to be a really helpful person and I am going to try to connect with him and visit him if I can. At the moment I have designated an area or 5m x 3m in the backyard to build a birdroom to accommodate 2 /3 flights and 20 breeding cages. I will build this all from scratch and so that will take me the next few months to do. Thereafter I will join the local and national clubs, source some good breeding stock and be ready for 2012. It's all quite exciting really . If anyone has helpful links to purchase cage fronts, supplies etc that would be great. Regards Clint PS Shame I didnt go and see some of the UK breeders whilst I was living over there - would have been a real experience!
  4. Clint

    New to Forum

    Hi Everyone I am just getting back into the budgergiars having been out of the hobby for 30 years. Does anyone know what sort of money one needs to pay these days for good breediong stock? I am Brisbane based - does anyone live here or know of good suppliers, stockists etc? Thanks
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