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  1. Thanks. No, I didn't use flash.
  2. So, we got out little one home now (the one i started the post with). Thanks for all you input. Here is the latest photo in a daylight: Does it still look henlike? Thank you Alla
  3. Here is another budgie-sibling available. It's cere looks pinkish-purplish but pale and with thin white ring around at least one nostril. I thought it is a girl. No? This one is handfed too but very shy and really scared of my hand. Cere is more pale in person then on the picture.
  4. I got this idea from looking at posts here, but this one is not the "clear case" :-) The cere is not pale at all and only right around the nostrils it is pale blue (like you see on the photo i marked most realistic). We are not taking him/her home for another 10 days. I guess, i'll be patient and see if it changes or is it too early to change?
  5. Thanks Kaz for getting back to me quickly. Well, I don't see white-white, it is more light blue-ish, but cere is not translucent at all. We are getting a budgle-pet and really want a boy... I can't find handfed budgie - waitlist everywhere. I thought it is much better to get a handfed one, right?
  6. Kaz, thanks for the advice. Here he/she again :-) This is the MOST realistic picture: and couple more: PLEASE, tell me what you all think now??? THANK YOU All
  7. Thank you, Finnie Here is another picture i did today. What would you all say??? Thanks for any input Alla
  8. Any other opinions? The second picture shows his cere really pinkish-purplish, but this is not how it looks in person. It is really more blue maybe purplish. I know everyone here says that any white is the girl. He has some really light right around nostrils, but i can't tell if it is white or light blue right. Also, his cere is not translucent. Does it mean that it is a girl? I will try to get better pictures when i go visit him/ her. He is not weaned yet, so not ready to go home. Also, does it mean anything that he is laying down with another bird right on him in the corner under the lamp or they are just very young? How do i make sure that he is healthy? Thank you Alla
  9. Hello I am very new to this forum. Could you please help me guess :-) if this baby budgie is a boy or girl (about 1.5 month old handfed). I know the pictures are not good but this is the best i could do. THANK YOU VERY MUCH Alla
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