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  1. This morning I found Lars looking ill... He has been sitting all puffy and sleeping with his head underneath his wing all day There is no sign of runny Pooh or anything else really.... I placed a lamp next to their cage in hopes of the heat helping but I feel so frustrated that I cant figure out whats wrong with him Ive only had them for 2 weeks, they are inside-birds and they are 5 months old brothers ... sad little Ole is trying to cheer him up so bad, singing his lungs out - he never does that, Lars is the cheerful one normally Do you have any good ideas I could turn to until I can call the vet tomorrow?
  2. And why aren't the pics showing???? They are on my website and I took the URL and inserted ...thats wierd... could you guide me how to ??? I just assumed that it worked like all the other forums i use.
  3. Hey all. My name is Anne and Im a 32 yrs old woman from Denmark - English isnt my first language so I hope you will excuse all my spelling mishabs :-) Im the mother of 2 human kids ( 3 and 14 yrs old), 2 dogs and a whole bunch of geckos, primarily leopardgeckos ( im a breeder). When I was a kid I haf budgies and some time ago I decided that I´d like to keep a budgie or two again. Yesterday I picked up our new family member - a male opaline sky - i think thats what you call it :-) He is as expected scared stiff but he has been eating and "singing" a little so I guess there is light at the end of the tunnel. Its my plan that I will get him a girlfriend in some time... I made the biggest mistake ever by letting my 3 year old daughter name the poor bird ... Say welcome to Ole (as in the danish famous "creme-king" Ole Henriksen)
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