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  1. Also where is the FAQ section. Been looking around and can't find it. Am I maybe only getting part of the app? Any help appreciated. :-)
  2. Hi have just joined forum and would like to use it properly. I use it with iPhone app and I have an icon to take a photo but not high lighted and can't use. I found my profile but can't edit it to put birth date or photo on there. Not finding it user friendly sorry. Also how is the order of the posts organized because I post something then can't find it. Then I do and it's half wY down the page. Makes it hard to find things.
  3. Gave up on last of their eggs. Had good look in the nest box and she has eaten right thru the bottom of the box. So now I'm thinking the baby could have been desert. ??? I put a plank of wood under the nest box with harder wood she can't get thru. The metal to cold under the eggs. Will give them one more go then give up. No baby body found. If there more mice poo in there now I know I have problem. But got baits out and not seen them any other cages. Can't get this app to take photo. Thank you for responding.
  4. I have my first budgies sitting in the nest on 4 eggs. I checked on them this morning as due date is arriving and one of the eggs has hatched but only half the egg is there and baby and other half egg is gone. I did find some mouse poo in the box but not sure if that was there already as box had been in shed for a while. Did mum and or dad eat baby or would it have been mouse. Will bait for mice but what happened to the baby ????
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