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  1. Hi Oh, welcome to the fourm, saw the picture, and i believe it is a female, i shoed it to my cousin that is a professional budgie breeder, and he said it is a female, so yep, she will be breedable in about 9 months, Good luck
  2. Hey guys, what colours would there be ,if I breed a Yellow budgie, and a Sky blue budgie??? Results
  3. It has been 7 days, now, but i tryed candelling them, and lucky all my eggs were fertile so yay. Thank you guys, for your help Peace
  4. Hey guys, Today, i cam out to change the food, for my budgies, than BAM, the hen comes out, and fly, around, when i came back, she wasent in the box, she was just Near the food contanier, When i put it in, she started eating thanw ent back in, I removed 2 of my eggs, because they were unfertile,a dn the 3 left are XD
  5. Hey guys, im having trouble, my firs chick, should of hatched on the 2, of augest, but hasent, i amw aiting a few more days, but dont know, if they are going to hatch, I might rebreed them next year
  6. Hey guys, i just recently, checked my budgie eggs, if they were fertile, the light juts went in, and i didn't see anything, it was just brght white, my light, is very strong, and shrines, really good, so, what should i do, wait if anything happens??? IF they DONT ALL HATCH OR WHAT EVER, I WILL BREED THEM AGAIN, NEXT YR xd There is bound to be at least 1 chick, that ahcthes, Hope soo
  7. Yea uys, i do, keep them further apart:) Nice picture
  8. Good luck Breeding, Upload, picks of the eggs and chicks, when they arrive. k
  9. Thanks everyone And also, yea, my yellow budgie has red eyes, i like albino budgies, They are so cute and cudly. First budgie hataching on 1 or 2 of augest yay.
  10. Hey guys, I am going to breed a 2nd time, this year. Going to breed a sky blue female and a yellow male, Could there be a white budgie when hatched????? For now, i have a yellow male, and i am going to get another blue female tomorrow:) Should i get a different colour???
  11. Hey guys. Sadly, the hen someone rolled it out f the nest box, and it cracked more:( I actually saw, the chick inside, which had abit of yolk, and i saw its eyes inside. I am very sad, because my birthday is in a week or so. But my parents allow me to get anyother pair and cage to breed. But again, i am very sad for that chick that didn't make it. All 4 eggs in there now are fertile and looking great, so at least that is a good thing:)
  12. Thanxs Kaz, if yes, that happens, should i remove it from the box?
  13. Im not so, sure it will make it, i will proberly have only 4 budgies hatched, i will upload pictures when they hatch, Peace out XD
  14. i will see what happens and post online guys okay. so far it looks great
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