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  1. Sorry for late reply, babies are good they are now eating on there own, most of the feathers are begining to grow back expect for the littlest which appears to hav had a deeper cut on its head but is now healing
  2. thanks, yeah that is what i think i have to do, its gonna be hard because the babies range from 4 weeks down, and they have a lovely habit of screaming and biting me even though i have been handling them. But thats what il have to do. But will there feathers grow back?
  3. I have noticed in the last few days my hen budgie has been feather plucking all their babies that are feathering up the oldest are missing feathers from their head down to the top of their wings. Will there feathers grow back? Today i went out the took the babies out and placed them with dad but i cant see him feeding them, what do i do?
  4. I got that baby as my spangle male and a lutino female produced what is known as a df spangle not a lutino baby, from what I know to get a lutino one of the parents has to be split lutino, The mother lutino i got neither parents were lutino but one must have been split, for me it was just by chance hope that helped
  5. please come to my topic, plz i need help on how to breed budgies, step by step, first time every breeding thanks

  6. Oh okay thanks il make sure i definonly seperate new birds for at least 40 days now
  7. Sorry for late reply been very busy starting to build a birdroom, I believe the df yellow spangle is a female and same as the skyblue spangle both have joined there parents in my free flight. I noe the biting doesnt necessary mean female but most of my yellow babies have all been very mean biters from when they are in nest. The df white spangle appears to be a male i've called him Urie , Thanks for all your help have a few pairs that are now 12 monthes and appear to be coming in a breeding season so il see how we go
  8. I havent updated in a while but here's some pictures of the babies from today. not very good image quality though. BABY 1 This baby has a blue tummy, you can kinda see it BABY 2 BABY 3:
  9. Yes i decided to cage breed due to the fact it easier to control and have a set up of nine cabinets one with my cockatiels,one my java sparrows, one the budgies, another pair im pairing up but not breeding yet, a pair of zebra finches and the rest spare. thanks for helping with identify this confusing white baby as i was so suprised that it came out white, i checked my grey baby today and its tail pin feathers are coming through blue, i think its another spangle . Ill post more pictures as they get more feathers, soon they can join the others in my aviary until next year when they can breed for themselves and not with each other this time^_^ .
  10. lol, yeh i quess the grandmother was playing up a bit, it was most likely that olvie green spangle. I got more pictures of mummy and daddy and bubs in nest. And MY free ranging non-breeding budgies as advised by Kaz , il upload in a second. As for the petshop thing, I did buy them from a number of sources, but when this season babies are able to breed next year ill breed them as you say, you then know all about the history and other things. PICTURES OF parents and bubs. Pictures of the others
  11. Thanks heap, the other possible mates were ollive green spangle, and a skyblue spangle, i quess anything is possible, and yes the harquin is a resessive pied,the grandmother was a green opaline, i cant find any pictures, i took the babies out today, i think they are more of a dark red as it is hard to tell, but are getting so much cuter:lol:
  12. Yes they were colony bred, they had 3 successful clutches together most turning out to be spangle. Maybe the grey cock was spilt lutino as the first to clutches produced about 2/3 were spangles and one lutino/ and one harquin.The grandmother last clutch she had was with another male, but im sure the first two were with this male. I will try to get more pictures of the babies eyes, but being df spangle would make sense. As both parents must be split spangle. And the parrot nests im referring to are small parrots boxes used for my bourkes, and i also keep one pair grass parrots and a pair a cockatiels, no problems from keeping them together, and yes i did make a mistake but im am only new at this. With the help of this forum i am learning what to do and not to do and i am not an expert. Im learning from my mistakes
  13. Yes she has thanks keep you posted
  14. Ah, that explains why you only have one set of grandparents listed! Well, you have left off whether one or both of the grandparents are spangles. At least one of them must be, and if they both are, then your "lutino" hen may very well be a double factor spangle hen, instead. What color are her eyes? And I agree with Kaz. People think that budgies "bond" with their mate and can't be separated, but it just isn't true. They would learn to "make friends" with different birds if you split them up. More than likely these chicks will be fine, but just in case there are any underlying genetic issues, when it is their turn to breed, I would make sure their mates are unrelated. Having them in an aviary that contains nests of any kind will basically force them to breed. Are they even old enough? Good luck with it all. The female is a true red eyed lutino, the male is light green spangle, Im am sorry that i did let them breed but i felt so sorry for them when i seperated them and didnt seem happy at all, they are both over 12 month, I will definatly make sure there babies are not inbred again, The grandparents were bought but here is a picture of the grandfather and this pairs siblings, to see if this will help. ON LEFT IS ONE BUB FROM FIRST CLUTCH AND THE GRAND DADDY ON RIGHT Baby is a spangle, i think the grandmother was part spangle as well, most of their babies came out spangles, and two lutinos hope this helps
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