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  1. brill

    A New Life

    okay I will try and post the pictures as soon as I can but I didn't want to disturb mum to much as she is being a bit nasty when i try and look in the box although the babys are almost fully feathered she is still very protective with lots of loud chirping ,wing flapping and a heap of attempts to chew any finger off she can get a hold of . And yes by the second one I mean the last picture sorry I should have been more clear about that Thanks for the info though it was the colour that through me I can't remember having a white and black bird
  2. brill

    A New Life

    Just a quick follow up to this post the first birds had 5 baby's which I rared and there doing really well The second pair had five babys also but I left them with the perents but they let 3 die I have no idea why BUT the two that are left are a strange colour they are all white with the black pyed speckle through there wings and tails but no other colour's As I don't confess to be an expert when it comes to budgies and there colours would anybody be able to tell me what kind of bird this may be. Oh and I forgot to add they have black eyes.. Thanks Brill..
  3. Hello And just a quick bit of help. The little one looks really healthy it's good to see you are cleaning it after each feed because if you didn't there would be a build up of old food which can go sour and make the little one sick. Looking at the bird I suggest you go to a local supermarket and buy some alfalfa (<------ I dought if that is spelt right) sprouts and then give them a good wash in cool water and put them in the box with the chick. It's a good way to start a little one off when it's starting to nibble food and it has moisture in it and they love it but remember to take it out every day and give it new sprouts the next day. If it is nibbling your hand when it is hungry there is a very good chance that the bird is a girl as this is common with young female chicks but not always..
  4. brill

    A New Life

    Yes it's an absolutely beautiful thing I still get excited every time my chicks start to come out it's like Christmas you cant wait to see what's in the box the only problem with the chicks you kinda need to wait a month before you really know the colour
  5. It's a personal choice really some people like to do it some don't and I don't argue with people over the matter as some people are VERY!! anti hand raising. But I do it and I love doing it. If I tried to sell a handled bird as a hand raised bird there is a difference but I wont get into that. After 2 weeks the parents will already have passed the good bacteria from there crop to the chicks so there immune system is already well on it's way. But if they were my birds I would have left them longer. I love to hand raise because it's such a nice feeling putting your hand in a cage and having the birds fighting to jump on it's great you just need to ignore the occasional nip you get from the cranky hen. there always seems to be one in every clutch
  6. brill

    A New Life

    So far so good she seems to be good with the 3 she has left. To be honest I have never really had a bird be horrible to all of her chicks more often then not it's the grumpy old cock
  7. Hi Mate I got your message. I'm not to sure how to answer it so I will put a reply in hear. It does take a few days before they start to take to the spoon BUT!! I am not sure if we are allowed to mention brands here but if it is r*******h they had a bad mix come in to the country and I lost some birds to it. It was sour. send me an email and we can talk if you need to. But if it is this brand you really need to throw it out....
  8. brill

    A New Life

    Thanks for all of the nice comments. It is nice to share something with people who actually appreciate it. The pictures of the chick being hatched was taken over a period of a couple of hours and both mum and dad are very quiet birds. You are more then welcome to have her after she's finished breeding. although this is her very first clutch. She laid 5 eggs and hatched out 4 the last one out she did something to it I wont mention hear:o and the last egg was fertile but she didn't care for that one. so she has 3 chicks which is a good number for a new Mother to look after.
  9. Feel free to ask me anything you want about hand raising birds :) I'm more then happy to try and answer any Questions. Mark :)))

  10. brill

    Just Saying Hello

    Ohhh nice I didn't even know there was a sale on in Cairns to be honest with you. I would LOVE to go I just hope it's on the Sunday as I have the Mareeba Markets on the Saturday of that weekend, Although I could probably sneak down in the afternoon. I would really like to get some new breeders. I'm happy for you to send me a message.
  11. I hope I'm not out of line by adding a reply about the little fella with the wonky foot but I have seen this happen with chicks where the hen sits to long on the egg or is a new hen and doesn't roll it properly if the chick is born during the hot months this can also happen or if the parents are on a poor diet calcium is a big plus when a hen is broody I actually put a couple of teaspoons on dry calcium in a 20 kg bag of seed and mix it in. every little bit helps It doesn't get into the seed but the birds get trace amounts when they eat it
  12. brill

    A New Life

    I hope this works I'm not really sure what to do but I followed the instructions. If you can see Pictures the first 3 are of a new chick being hatched and the 4th picture is of a hen sitting on eggs. The first hen hates shavings where the second one loves them.
  13. brill

    Just Saying Hello

    Well you can see how new I am to this I just spent ages trying to give a reply to the nice welcomes and I couldn't work out why I couldn't reply... Apparently it helps to be logged in Anyway now I have that sorted thank you for the nice welcomes and I have worked out why this site keeps on appearing on my web statistics my add is being run on this site I will post some budgie pictures as well but please remember that they are what I would call normal birds.
  14. Well hello I am brill.. you can call me Mark if you like I am new to this site and to be honest I don't usually go for clubs or fan sites but I kept on getting referrals to my web site from this site so I thought I had better check it out. I live in Mareeba in Far North Queensland Australia and I have been around birds all of my life the first bird I got was when I was 2 years of age she is a galar and believe it or not she's still alive. I have been breeding birds for about 12-15 years and Hand raising them for just over 10 years. I have about 20ish Budgies and I have on average 6-7 pairs which I use for my hand raised birds, I love the hand raising of the Budgies as they are easy to do and are one of the most loyal and loving birds I breed. And they get so excited come feeding time. I am interested to find out how other people who share the same passion for Budgies and birds in general get on with there Budgies. Although I have been doing it for a while now I still have a lot to learn and I am always open to other people's advice. Just a little about my birds. I don't have show birds I just have what some people would call the common old budgie but they sell well as Hand raised birds. There's no way somebody is going to pay 100's of dollars for a pet Budgie. Although after all the time and effort put into raising a chick to adulthood I think there worth 100's of dollars. I let my birds go down twice at the most and then it's out to green pastures for a while so they can fatten up. I never swap birds around they are kept as a bonded pair if they prove to be good breeders. and one last thing they are very spoilt my wife tells me more so then her
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