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  1. ralph

    Winter Breeding

    i have a big chook pen with only a few chooks in it were i could put them in but i can't be bothered to risk it thanks ralph
  2. hello everyone, what are some important things when looking after when breeding budgies and there chicks? thanks ralph
  3. ralph

    Winter Breeding

    hello everyone, can you have budgie's over the of other animals? thanks ralph
  4. hello everyone, what are some important things when breeding budgies? thanks ralph ps i didn't know wether to start a new topic for this
  5. ralph

    Wanted Budgies

    Hey Ralph, do your parents have a safety filter on your computer? My Safe Eyes filter will often block photos that people post, if they aren't on Photobucket. (I can see Phil's photos, so they're not blocked for me.) But often I will have to temporarily disable my Safe Eyes filter in order to see certain pictures. In those cases, the pics just show up as a small box with an x in it, and once I disable the filter and hit refresh, then the photo comes up. If this is the case for you, you will probably have to ask your parents to enter their password, if they will. Otherwise, if you end up emailing with Phil, he can just send them to you in an email. its still not working so i think i will just email PJI i will pm him my email address hope he doesn't mind thanks ralph
  6. ralph

    Winter Breeding

    Try again Ralph. When you measure you need three measurements.... Height width and depth. You havent said what the two measurements are and you are missing the third measurement. sorry height=183cm width=110cm length=190cm thanks ralph
  7. ralph

    Wanted Budgies

    the photo isn't coming up on my screen ralph
  8. ralph

    Winter Breeding

    just another question how many birds could you fit in an avairy 190 cm x 110 cm big thanks ralph
  9. ralph


    nice twisted got any more
  10. thanks for all the answers i'm starting to learn now i now how to breed normals how can you breed cinnamon's opalines spangles dilutions yellowfaces? thanks ralph
  11. ralph

    Wanted Budgies

    Hello Ralph ,i live aprox 80klm north of you,my birds are in a moult at the moment and in no condition to sell or breed with.I took some pictures of a few that i will be eventually selling, let me know if you are interested cheers Phill i live in goulburn nsw an hour from canberra and 2 hours from sydney where is the nearest club to join? thanks ralph Clubs to join would probably be,Canberra,St George,or Mcarthur. would you be able to send me some photos what colours do you have that you might sell? pm me for my email address if you want thanks ralph
  12. so what does recessive mean sorry about all the qestions but i will get my head around it soon thanks ralph
  13. hello everyone, i just won't to ask if you can breed in winter? do you need some sort of heat sorce? what do you you use for heat? i live in goulburn NSW an hour from canberra thanks ralph
  14. hello, i am only new to breeding budgies i still don't understand the dominant bit would someone be able to help me on this thanks ralph
  15. ralph

    Wanted Budgies

    i live in goulburn nsw an hour from canberra and 2 hours from sydney where is the nearest club to join? thanks ralph
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