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  1. Hi members, I am a resonably new member but havent posted to often. I was wondering if anyof the members have other birds besides budgies. Hubby and myself have recently started breeding the budgies and amazed by the colors of our different birds. Last year we purchased 2 gouldians .............very colourful birds , we are wondering if any members have any experience with gouldians and could really use some advice. Would really appreciate hearing from anyone who has any knowledge of these birds......either by email or in the forums. Thanking you J & W
  2. Hi, would really appreciate some advice on this ...... Thank you in advance I have 2 young budgies from the same mother, the older of the young for some reason has lost feathers surrounding its bum and is now losing them up his chest . the other one is fine they are both roughly 4 weeks old
  3. Hi everyone, Have two baby budgies and hubby and i want to hand raise them. Purchased the raising mixture, syringes and teaspoons. Took the chicks from the nest yesterday, almost 2 weeks of age. Neither seem to interested in the formula, really worried they wont eat and we will lose them both. As this is our first attempt at hand raising, any suggestions or comments would be gratefully accepted. Does it take a day or so for them to get use to us trying to feed them ?? I guess patience is a big plus
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