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  1. Hey, just a quick post with pics of my newest fledged babies. These are pet types I will sell. I will take some pics of the others in the nests tomorrow in good light.
  2. Hey, I haven't abandoned my journal... I've been down in NSW visiting my folks. We just got back last night, I was so glad to see all the feeders and drinkers went to plan we had tested them before we went, but there is always the worry, so I had doubles of everything, and now everyone has soooo much food and water. LOL. My six show babies have doubled in size. It looks like I have at least three sky blue like Mummy. The other three are too young to tell. My three new pet types are expanding alarmingly too. I will ring them them tomorrow. I think I may have two dom pied light greens like Dad. Their wing spikes are looking all yellow like his. The other one has me a bit bewildered, so I am excited to see what it comes into. My other three pet types have fledged, I took Dad out a few days before we went away as I don't want that pair to mate again. He's just not up to it so I will pair Ginger up to another more suitable male. Gilbert can just live his life as a happy bird in the aviary. He's not good for breeding except unusual pet types. I might put him with Sparkels in the future. Ginger and Gilbert produced 2 cinnamons, one a very pale sky blue, the other a grey green, and a lovely violet spangle. Unfortunately they are all tiny like Dad. So I will just keep him to pet type hens for selling. I put the babies in the baby creche today, and have left Ginger to rest up for a few weeks in the cabinet. I paired up Penny ( a buff light green hen) with Eric (big sky blue male) before I left, but apart from some serious housekeeping excavating the nest box they haven't done much. It has been about a week so I will just leave them be for now. Red is incredibly gorgeous. We have been teaching him "hello Red' constantly, and now he seems to be mumbling something that sounds particularly un birdlike, as well as making the kiss kiss noises we make to him. He charmed absolutely everyone down at my folks place with his delightful nature and antics. He gets very ratty if we don't take him out when we get home. He just loves to hang out with us and flits from shoulder to heads picking crud off everyone as he goes. My niece was simply delighted with her two babies. I tried to bombproof them before I went as I know she is rather, shall we say, exuberant! I still think they got a shock on their first day in their new home though! I'm glad my sister is there to steady and guide her. She adores them just a little too much at times.... but I know they will be loved and cherished beyond belief. I am thinking I might put Henry the Vulture Budgie down with Annie (stunning cobalt hen) this weekend. I am really keen to breed these two. I shall keep you posted
  3. Honestly, I think it comes down ultimately to the individual's personality. We just had two clutches, born at the same time. We took them all out for a period of time after they were about a week old and handled them. Same as we did with Red. The foster babies are all so outgoing and love to be with us, in particular Lucky, I don't know why he is so attached to me, he flies around the house on little burst, but will always seek to land on me, I didn't intend to have a special pet, but there is no way i could give Lucky away now. The other two from other parents are far more skittish and far less willing to be friendly but have been raised exactly the same way. I am raising those two for my little niece so I have been really diligent with handling them every day and treating them to special attention, but still Lucky is the one who just craves our attention. I had to cut the wings of the two for my niece as they were being real pains and flying off all the time, but Lucky and his siblings are not cut, and they all just love to be around us. Ace and Eenie are a little more cautious, but Lucky just demands attention, and so did little Billie who died. She was just so wonderful. It was always Lucky and Billie pacing the cage to be let out, I have another friend who breeds all kinds of parrots as hand raised pets, and her recommendation was to take them from the nest at no later than two weeks and hand feed them from there. Since I work full time, I couldn't do that, so we just made sure they came out every single day. My daughter had Red with her for hours every day when he just had fluff and he has grown up being with her and is a total ratbag. He hunts her down if she leaves him alone anywhere, just like Lucky does with me. She used to get home from school and take Red out to hang out with her in her pocket or sleeve while she did homework or read a book. I made sure she talked to him in the same way every day so he got used to her voice. He is amazing, His mum and dad fed him until he fledged, so I guess what we did worked. Same as Lucky, although, I must say Lucky had less attention from me as I don't get home until after 6pm, so usually it was a quick cuddle and a chat on my shoulder while I got dinner ready. Truly, I think just like us, it is a personality thing. ALthough I'm guessing I will get howled down my others on this forum with a LOT more experience than me!!!! When I was a kid, my sister had a bird who was just devoted to her. He used to steal all our monopoly money and drag it over to her. Being the youngest I remember it clearly as I was always slightly outraged!!! I also had a little spangle friend who used to dive bomb us all from curtain rod to curtain rod. I was the only one he'd let take him down and be with him. There will always be really 'special' birds who stay with you all your life and that's where the budgie bug bites! My sister and I used to colony breed them and sell the offspring for pocket money, but I knew ALL their names and who was related to who. Even when we had upward of 60 or so birds. So be careful, budgies have a biiig way of worming into your heart forever. If you want someone who can answer all your technical questions totally, just pm me and I will send you Camelle's email. She is my mentor from my club, and is totally fabulous and lovely to talk to. She is so delighted to see new people come into the fancy. The cabinet I built with my daughter has the box outside which I find is heaps easier to access. The cabinets I bought 2ns hand are inside with like a drop down panel in the cage front t sit the box on. I'll try to get some pics tomorrow so you can see.
  4. By The Way I have a special boy from the foster baby clutch. He has wormed his way into my heart and Im afraid he now has a home here for life as my little friend. He is the baby in my signature, Lucky, and has grown into a gorgeous huge grey cockbird and is the absolute spitting image of his Dad, Johnathon, who died. He goes crazy at the door of his cage until I take him out and he just loves to just be with me and groom me. I am enchanted! Even if he isn't a breeding bird, he has to stay, I love him so much. Red is turning into an obstreperous teen. He is getting snippy at anything and everything now, although he looooves to come out and he quite likes Lucky. I think he might begin to moult soon, as the crabbiness is usually an indicator.... just like human kids! LOL. We have been moving his toys around in his cage and just ignoring his rants, eventually he gives up and just comes over to have his head scratched like he loves. He is obsessed with the babies and HAS to groom them endlessly, even if they protest. He is a gorgeous little soul. He gave our little maltese/shih tzu dog an earful the other day when she got too close Umm, sounds like it. It is the beginning of the season too. All mine are pairing up and getting toey with potential competitiors. You need to ring them if you want to show at all. We are still undecided about showing, but I figured the ringing window is so small before their legs get too big, it is better to ring them and not have to use it than to find out later when you want to show they need rings. I now ring all my babies, even if I know they aren't ever going to be shown. It also helps keep track of lineage. I just write it all down in a book, including all the sibling ring numbers so I can't get mixed up later on when they are ready to breed. What variety is Sugar? Can you send me a clear picture of both of them and their ceres? Some of the recessives and other varieties can have variations in the ceres. I have DF white spangle boy with a purple cere. He looks like a baby but I know he isn't. I have always gone with the same cere theory you have been told, but members of my club have told me to go with their behaviour more than cere colour. If the boys are chasing a girl in particular, and she is doing all those things, then they know a heap more than us mere humans!!! I tend to agree. Theory is fabulous, but ultimately the birds know a heap more than we do!!!! It sure can't hurt to put them in a cabinet, you will know within a fortnight or two if things are going well. She will get into the nest box and chuck out all the nest material you have diligently placed in there. I haved learned the hard way to let her do that, but when she has an egg or two, to fill up the nest box with more material so the eggs can't roll about and get addled whenever you look in the box and the Mum skittles off. If they don't produce an egg within about 3 or so weeks, take them out and let them hang out in the flight and try again when you think thing are happening. If they have bred before, I would let them have a chance now. They really are great parents.
  5. I love watching budgie antics. I spend waaaay too much time watching my babies get up to mischief. Even my daughter, who is supposed to be my partner in this, gets sick of me talking about who got up to what :) If sugar is ripping up paper I would think she is ready to nest. The girls get frantic and chew anything to bits when they are ready. Make sure she has access to cuttlebone and grit. Very important for egg production. When she is in season she will chomp a whole cuttlebone in a matter of hours or days. If here cere is going very brown then let her go with spice. They will sort it. I tried to beetroot thing after you mentioned it, but no one was into it. They ate around it! Little rats. I even tried peanut butter in their morning egg and biscuit with no luck. They loooove celery and apple and corn, and every weekend I collect eucalypt leaves and fresh seed heads. They go insane when they see me coming with those. They know I clean out their cage and then they get a heap of fresh leaves and seeded grass. I had a look at Annie tonight, the girl I was thinking of putting down with Henry the Vulture budgie. She has a heap of pin feathers and looks very scruffy, so I think I will leave her to moult first. She has been so unwell with this air sac mite thing I am keen to leave her until she is just glowing. I was watching her play today, knowing the breeder she came from I know she hasn't had toys before, he thought I was an alien when I mentioned toys!!! They all seem to love them in the flight aviary. She was trying so hard to rip off the bells on a piece of ribbon very sweet. I made them a rope and eucalypt stick bridge last weekend, and a big swing from a eucalypt branch. I was amazed at the toy prices at the store, so I got all creative and they really love the new things.
  6. Keep looking. My daughter and I did build one cabinet. It cost us about $60 for the materials, but it was a beautiful project to do together. I couldn't believe my luck when I picked up all 9 of them. You can buy the cage fronts at a a produce store for $20 or so. So if Dad is handy and can access some wood, it may be worth pursuing. I just found some dimensions and plans on this site and went for it. Nest boxes are pretty cheap at under $10 each. Good luck, and By The Way my knowledge is very very tiny compared to what you will glean from here and if you join a club. We only joined about 4 months ago, but OMG have I learned some things from them. It is so worthwhile to join a club. We now have a beautiful lady mentoring us who has national champions for QLD. She is simply amazing and I can email or ring her at any time when I need advice. Our meetings are once a month, so it isn't a huge commitment. By The Way LISTEN TO YOUR PARENTS!!! LOL I know that sounds like a nag, but truly, I constantly worry about my kids. I have police friends in the internet squad up here in Brisbane and the things they tell me scare the pants off me. It is simply not worth trusting people at face value, which is very very sad, but unfortunately is a reality in the internet age. Gosh I sound old!!!!!! I will try to post some new pics tomorrow of my new babies, I think I said that earlier, but I am soooo intrigued by the pairing results. I am going to take the babies to my club meeting this week to see if it worth pursuing. I soooo wasn't expecting the results we got. But I am still learning the whole genetics thing. My mentor, Camelle, thinks they will all be hens as the cinnamon thing appears to come from Dad who is a spangle. I'm looking to start a violet line, so hopefully the violet cinnamon spangle baby will be worth keeping. I have a whole bunch of people wanting my babies as they are so tame, so I have no issues getting the non-keeps good loving homes as pets. We lost our little grey hen baby last night. I was devastated to come home from work and find her in a very bad way on the bottom of the baby cage. We rushed frantically to get her under heat and I managed to get her to swallow a little sugared water, but she died in my hands about 3 hours later. My daughter and I were crying so hard, but at least she was warm and with those who loved her and was aware we we there with her. I am working with my mentor to find out what happened, but at this stage we are all baffled. Vale Billie. She was such a live wire, even the evening before I think I described all her silly antics with the other babies, so we are at a loss as to why she went so quickly. I know next time I see a little baby girl giving everyone *** she will be somewhere watching and approving I laughed at sugar and spice. If they are only young they will work it out. It is amazing how much of their instincts just kick in. I wouldn't worry too much about the feeding. My hens do come out of the box occasionally to feed, especially if I put in special yummy treats like fresh celery or seeded grass heads, I would let them sort it out. She will whip him into line quicksmart! LOL!!!! All my pairs this year have been maidens (first timers) and no one has failed in their respective roles. Even Whizzbang the Terrible grew up very suddenly from being a completely irresponsible prankster to fabulous father. You have to let them have a chance.
  7. I totally agree!! I have a 12 year old daughter too and I am super paranoid about internet safety!! I am 41 year old lady with a 14year old son and 12 year old daughter in Brisbane. If your parents want to check me out I will pm you my facebook. I just last night had this very SAME conversation with my daughter so I totally agree with your parents.
  8. I'm going for the two yellow as girls.... but I'm not that experienced!
  9. Point taken Squeak, but as they are in the house i closely monitor them. Dad was with them all day and he wasn't feeding them despite them crying at him. They'd do it to him for a while and then just settle down to eat next to him. I figured he knows what they are up to. They are also having egg and biscuit mush every morning in the baby cage which is gone by evening. They all look well and lively, so I think I got it right this time. Taylor, I wish you were closer as I could give you some spare cabinets! I picked up 9 cabinets from a guy in our club who was retiring, he would only sell them as a block and I got them for about $10 each! I don't have a lot of room, so I have four of them stored. I will sell them when I get around to it.... I am so baffled by my new babies colourings. I seem to have two cinnamons, one a funny grey green, not dark, but definately not a light or olive green, the other a very very very pale sky blue. The baby is def a violet cinnamon spangle, really very pretty. I will try to take some updated images tomorrow of them. I'm not sure the pairing is one I want to repeat, but I need to get the opinion of my mentor before I make that decision! I was going to pair my cobalt hen with my vulture boy, but I noticed today she is moulting. So I will let that pass before I put them down.
  10. Little ratbaggy budgie cadets! I love it. Hup two three four, beaks attenshun! LOL. The cardboard got very scruffy by the time I needed to move them away from Mum. I just chucked it out. I think an icecream container might be a bit big?? They do like to be all enclosed and squish themselves up together for comfort. They aren't in them for that long. I had to take the four big foster babies out as they were really overdoing it begging for food from Mum. All four of them are huge showbirds and she is a tiny little pet type. She'd come out of the nesting box and just get mugged by pleading monster babies begging for food, even though I'd seen the little rats cracking seed by themselves all day. Typical!!! So all the babies are in a separate cabinet for a little while until I think they can cope with the flight. My daughter calls it the birdie daycare cage. They are so cute to watch their silly baby antics. At least they have stopped dropping off the perch now. At first they'd climb up the ladder and sit on the perch, go to scratch themselves or bite a sibling and lose their balance and fall off! I have given them some toys and they quite happily squabble over who gets to yank the toys, just like kids! How is the cubby house conversion going?
  11. Billie (hen) and Lucky (cock), two of the grey babies in the picture just got nuts until I take them out of the baby cage. They run up and down madly at the door and as soon as I lift it up the fly out to me and land on whatever they can catch hold of on me.... face, glasses, chest, hair.... it's quite an onslaught since they are not very good at aiming or landing yet! But they are so lovely and just adore being fussed over. Lucky treats me like an airport, he goes for little test flights and comes back to land on me and check in. He's a lovely little soul, and soooo like his Dad Johnathon, very outgoing. Billie is a bit of an attention seeker, she goes out of her way to get you to fuss over her and pushes Lucky off my shoulder if they are on the same one. Typical little sister!!! Tonight I had the three young babies out having a good look at them. They are such curious colours compared to the other babies. I suspect Dr Bombay might be a violet spangle. Fingers crossed big time there! Billie made a complete nuisance of herself trying to get my attention away from the new babies. She kept running around the table and climbing on top of the babies to reach my face and groom me. Everytime I lifted a baby up to have a close look she would fly up to my head and land wherever she could get onto and hang off to get in my face. Very very annoyingly gorgeous!!!!!! She just DIDN'T like me giving them such close attention. After I tucked the babies back in with their Mum, Billie was quite content just to perch on my shoulder and fluff herself up in victory. I've created a monster baby :) Just goes to show you don't need to hand feed babies to get them to be tame. All these babies have been fed by Mum and Dad, we just handled them everyday from hatching. All six of them are so tame and love to come out and be with us. They run up and down at the door when you go in the bird room. The two newborns are doing well. We named the first one Skipper, and the jury is still out for a name for Number 2, we are due for another to hatch tomorrow so we better start making a list methinks!
  12. LOL!! An air raid shelter is a little box or hidey hole for babies who have jumped out of the nest but are still hanging around on the floor of the cabinet and being fed a bit and watched over by Dad and Mum. Some of mine have an upturned big yoghurt tub with an arch doorway I have cut into one side, some of the others have a tiny cardboard box I cut a door way into. It's basically for them to cuddle up together into at night or for security since they have only just come out of the shelter of their nest box. Most babies love to still hide somewhere and when feeling brave will venture out of the shelter to explore their new world. My mentor at my club calls it an air raid shelter :)
  13. Renee, that is amazing!!! I have 11 babies and 14 adults and feel frazzled keeping up with who is doing what and with whom!!!!! I need a bex and a good lie down reading your journal. I am so envious in a "I'm glad that's not me' kind of way :) Way to go. I wish I had a whole lot more time, but as a working single parent to two energetic teens I'm full on as it is. Plus, I'm only back to breeding budgies after 20 years, and never show birds before at that, so I'm pretty chuffed with my sweet little babies. I hope as I get my hand in to aspire to the kind of set up you have.
  14. Thank you, they love it too! I saw a very very basic one up at the local pet store and they wanted $60 for it.... so I decided I build a better one I am going to build another from the left overs for my little niece who is going to take two of the babies. I also built my flight aviary a big swing with a piece of gum tree branch and some jute twine, they must be the only birds with a macrame knotted swing, and I built them a rope and wood bridge thing. I can't see how they can charge $30 plus each for bird toys. It just takes a bit of ingenuity.
  15. Hello, sorry I haven't updated for a while. I got a nasty headcold and have been struggling just to keep up with life and work. But I'm back on deck so the world better look out. Well all the babies so far have fledged. This is a picture of all of them on the new playgym I built for them. They are so friendly, I love everyone of them! I am trying to decide which one or two to bench at my club meeting coming up. So any recommendations???? The three new babies are doing famously. I think I might have some cinnamons. Any ideas on what they might be are gladly welcomed. They all look decidedly brown on the back. Mum is a sky blue normal, and Dad is a Greeny aqua spangle. This is Sam, the oldest. This is Calypso, the middle child... And little Dr Bombay, the baby. Hermione, mother to the foster babies (the greys and the blue in the group photo) has two newborns with Adam, another large grey. One only hatched today. I nearly lost a finger finding out this morning! Sparkles and Cosmo have 6 new eggs. I'm not overly thrilled she is sitting again, but I wasn't on the ball enough to catch her before she laid again. I'll know next time. I am busily planning my next move, I think I might pair Henry the Vulture budgie up with Annie (beautiful Cobalt hen), and maybe Penny, a light green with a white df spangle boy I have called Blue. I need to find a lovely big cobalt cockbird to pair Possum up with next so I can begin a nice big violet line. Hmmm.....
  16. Sophisticated! Huh. The little toad is so full on he is just beyond adorable. Barely one week out of the nest and he's bossing us around like nothing else. He's obsessed with my glasses, and pulling strands of hair out of my ponytail! Trying to get him to go to bed in his cage is a whole new experience. We are trying not to pick him up with our hands to put him so he doesn't get scared of hands, but you have to be soooo quick to jam your finger inside the cage with him on it. He just runs flat out up your arm to escape!!!! Lucky and Ace have been out of the nest every afternoon and cuddled up in the air raid shelter. Lucky looks ready to be out full time, but he gladly climbs back in the nest to snuggle with his siblings for the night. Sparkles has taken to sleeping outside on the perch! I'm not surprised as she is a tiny girl and those 4 big boofy babies dwarf her. I can just imagine all night there would be cries of "MUUUUM, I'm HUNGRY", "MUMMM! Lucky is annoying me." "MUUUUUMMM!!!" (I have kids! so I an empathise totally with wanting to sleep on a perch). Gilbert and Ginger now have three adorable newborns... Sam, Calypso and Dr Bombay. Hermione has three eggs, and Adam is an adoring partner. I'm glad she has a chance to have a successful clutch this time round. She seems like a terrific Mum. Annie, the wheezy hen is starting to gobble up the egg and biscuit now for the first time and is looking much fatter and healthier. I'm so glad, she's such a pretty cobalt with a gorgeous long mask and body. I dosed everyone with Ivermectin the other night.... boy was I popular!! Amazingly I got the worst bites from our tiny little young fella, a white DF spangle that looks so sweet and harmless, his name is Blue. I swear that bird has teeth like a doberman! Hopefully we should have a 4th baby from Gilbert and Ginger and another egg from Hermione tomorrow. I'm not sure I mentioned earlier, but I am stoked that one of Possum's (violet mauve dom pied) babies is a visual violet dom pied. That baby is already earmarked for my niece, which is okay, as Dad is not that special. But I am going to get her a big cobalt or dark factor green to start a violet line. Also, to I was soooo pleased to get a cobalt cock from my foster babies. 3 greys, looks like at least one hen and a cock, and the little cobalt cock. Pretty pleased with that. THey all have lovely big heads and clear body colour, so I am hoping for big things from Hermione's new round of babies with another cock bird. So it's all eyes peeled at the moment for a nice suitable violet factor mate of some kind for Possum. She's a nice big girl so I hope she will be the beginning of a lovely line. Her current baby is a very intense visual violet, he is really adorable.
  17. We had all the babies out today to handle them. Red was obnoxioulsy happy and wanted to groom them all endlessly, whether they wanted to be groomed or not. He is really extroverted now and just takes over whatever you are doing... reading the paper or on the computer, he HAS to be centre of your attention. We are all totally in love with him and his playful antics. Lucky fell out of the nestbox yesterday and was looking mournful on the bottom of the cabinet. Then today, Ace was out. I have put and air raid shelter on the bottom in case they come out again while I am at work. I have a feeling Sparkles is getting ready to lay again. I wanted to take her out before then, but I think I've left it a bit late. She looks good, and is quite glossy. So I will definately make sure this is her last. Though, she only raised the foster babies. Ginger and Gilbert now have two babies.... fingers crossed for spangles! Hermione and Adam have two eggs. This is Red and Lucky today. ...and Red being all growed up!
  18. Everytime I see him doing it I think how his Mum would clip him one and tell him to be normal!! He's such a sweetie.
  19. moglet

    Budgie Naps

    How is the napping photography mission going? I'll see if I can catch some out. My birds are inside so I will keep the camera handy. Red fell asleep on my finger the other day. Just did a biiiig yawn and tucked his head in and nodded off. He's so cute. I'll see if I can sneak up on him for you.
  20. This is Henry... he is born in the wrong body. I think he'd like to be a big ugly vulture I keep telling him he wont pick up chicks doing this, but will he listen???!!
  21. New brag pics taken this morning. I love the little violet dominant pied. I'm going to find a nice big violet factor male to put with the Mum of this bird. I'd like to start a nice violet line. Red is impossible.... he wants OUT all the time to be with us. Totally gorgeous and cheeky as all get out. I'll try to get some nice pics of him today. His colour is such a lovely iridescent green. Got another egg from Hermione, who is actually the biological Mum to the foster babies. I've paired her up with Adam, another big grey male. I'd really like some cobalts.... This is Lucky, the oldest of the foster babies. He's starting to get this gorgeous blow happening when you smooch him up so cute. This is ACE, sibling to Lucky. I'm trying to decide if this is going to be cobalt or skyblue. This is Tink, looking like a gorgeous violet dom pied. This is Tink's sibling Gem. I think he might be a T2 yellowface cobalt just like Dad.
  22. My spangle Dad and his skyblue wife hatched a bubby this morning. She is usually good about getting out of the box when I tap on it, but she wouldn't move for anything this morning so I got suspicious and tried to nudge her over a bit. Boy did I get a damn good bite and she is a BIIIIG girl. But at least I got a look and sure enough a brand new bubby wriggling about under her. Yay. She has six more eggs to go. Dad is quite a small bird but has beautiful spangle markings, and she is a huge lovely skyblue, so I was hoping she might bring up the size and he might add the spangle, so I can begin to think about a spangle line. I hope I don't lose a finger when I have to ring them!!!! None of my other hens have been so protective, they just have a good yell and vacate premises!! Red is getting so fond of my daughter. He's in her room and they are constant companions. He's starting to get quite hard to put back in his cage now and runs up her arm to avoid it. I was so proud of how he handled going to the meeting last night. He was very relaxed and spent the entire time showing off with blow and grooming endlessly. There were a lot of nest feathers benched last night, and you could really notice the ones who had been handled from babies, they weren't so flighty and skitty as some of the others who looked petrified. I'm glad we've been handling our babies right from the start.
  23. We had our club meeting tonight and we took Red along to show off..... DRUMROLLLLLL.... Red is a BOY! You were right We learned how to prepare a bird for show. We watched a gorgeous huge green cockbird have a bath and have his head cleaned and a final rinse, he got blow dried and then had his mask cleaned up. He was a different bird after she had finished with him. I learned so much. Then she showed us (on another bird not for showing) on how to do vent trimming. I realised I am not taking enough off, I was so scared of denuding the poor things I was just snipping a bit around the vent She gave them a right trimming right across the with of the abdomen near the vent. I'm hoping my grey babies will be ready to show as nestfeathers at the lawn show our club is having with another club on the 4th september. Fingers crossed at least Lucky might have fledged by then! It will be my first ever showing. I will be so interested to hear the comments. I got some Ivermectin tonight. They suggested painting it on the babies' tail spike area at the time of ringing to prevent tail growth problems that have been cropping up (apparently). So I will give everyone a dose of Ivermectin on the weekend. My wheezy cobalt hen is looking a bit brighter. I've been diligently spraying her with pythrethrum for air sac mite, which is what we think Johnathon died from too. They came from the same breeder and both became wheezy within the same week. I have been putting probiotic in her water and giving her fat foods and she is starting to look glossy and good again. She has stopped dropping her tail when she breaths now. So biiiig fingers crossed she might be on the mend. She's a fantastic looking bird with a long mask and great body length, and is only about 14 months, so I'm looking forward to her being really well and pairing her up in a few months. I had to laugh at Lucky tonight. He only has half his feathers and still lots of fluff but he sits on my finger and gets his head and mask going in a terrific show of blow already when I smooch him up and fuss over him. It is soooo cute!
  24. Yeah, I'm a country NSW gal but have horribly acclimatised and am a biiiig sook now My birds are loving the weather though, they are all showing off to each other and making 'friends' LOL. I think that's why I've had so much success with babies so early. We really only had about 2 weeks of cold cold winter, and that was max low of about 6C overnight and 16-18 in the day. February is the month I detest up here. The rain and the humidity drive you insane.... How do the budgies handle the really cold? Do you get the twice a year heavy moult I seem to get?
  25. Yes I know what all you PC users will say. But as a graphic designer I'm a macophile through and through. Does anyone know of some software I can get to do my bird breeding with, preferably freeware or not too expensive?? Thanks
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